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What foods do not make you fat?  High star

What foods do not make you fat? High star

There are many diets that promise to be miracles, such as losing a lot of pounds in just a few days. Although it is very tempting, most fans do not get the desired result or suffer from the famous accordion effect: they lose weight and then gain weight again. However, there are, in fact, foods that do not make you fat, known as Foods with negative calories.

Whether you’re looking at the packaging or using apps that do the math, you’ve probably already found yourself counting the calories of food before you eat it, and just imagined how good it would be to be able to eat without gaining weight. Thanks to thermogenesis, this is possible. Some foods require the body to experience a significant calorie deficit in order to be able to eat them, which outweighs the gains from eating them.

This way, when consuming something with high heat energyYour body ends up expending more calories than it consumes. Therefore, even eating, there will be no calorie gain, on the contrary, there will be a loss. Thus, this acceleration of the metabolism allows for weight loss.

However, it is essential that a professional, such as a doctor or dietician, prescribe which and how many of these foods you can and should consume. Because, despite the benefits, a Excessive consumption can cause some health problems, such as an increased heart rate. In addition, the body can get used to it and will demand more and more in larger quantities.

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Check out ten foods that don’t make you fat:

It should be noted that these products differ from some so-called zero calorie foods or a diet that contains some specific ingredients that are reduced, usually sugar and fat. But this reduction is not always healthy, as it is usually compensated by other ingredients that can be harmful to health and are just as caloric as the regular version. While Thermogens promote natural weight lossacting on the organism itself.

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