May 29, 2024

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What kind of exercise should be done to improve immunity

What kind of exercise should be done to improve immunity

Amidst the chaos you created Corona virus pandemicA lot has been asked about Vaccine efficiencyPrecautions to take and what can be done Keep immunity up to date.

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There is an idea in the collective imagination that the more physical exercise, the better. But is this? The feeling of relief after exercise is known to many people. Our body was not created to stand still. Everything in the world requires movement and our body is no different.

Exercising helps maintain health, body and mind. As exercise becomes part of your routine, you may notice a It improves sleep quality and anxiety levels, and relieves stress symptoms.

You don’t need to exercise one hour every day!

on the principle All kinds of physical exercise It can improve your fitness whether it is walking, weight training, running, cycling, yoga, martial arts, dancing, swimming and many more. The main thing is to be a way to a person’s taste.

And for those who think that only long activities can bring these benefits, you are very wrong. Activities of short duration, provided they achieve, at a moderate level, the benefits of improving sleep and reducing the level of stress in the same way. It is important to have a routine in a person’s life day in and day out.

Studies show that maintaining a healthy life requires at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week, with at least 10 minutes per day.

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And to improve immunityModerate physical activity appears to be the best option Increases antibody production Defense against invaders upper respiratory tract;

Some research has also shown that Aerobic exercises Which raise your heart rate and make you sweat, and beneficially affect the brain, resulting in improved mood, improved memory, and greater protection of the brain from cognitive decline.

No matter what exercise you choose and its duration, the truth is that exercise done in a moderate manner will help you maintain immunity at satisfactory levels. Just choose what you like