June 21, 2024

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What triggered US inflation in 2021 – Behavior – Estado E-Investidor – Best Financial Market News

(Alex Dancy) – a Swelling The United States has come to a dangerous end in 2021 and one of its key drivers reflects the problems of economic recovery as the country has been hit by many waves. Govit-19.

Food expenditure, which accounts for about 14% of the consumer price index, rose 6% in December compared to 2020, led by meats such as pork – almost 19%.

Car prices rose last year as a result of a shortage of parts that plagued automakers around the world. Vehicles with new and old engines weighing more than 8% in the consumer price index set a record of 20.9% last month.

The cost of some furniture and kitchen appliances has set a record for Americans – many of them spend more time at home than they did before the outbreak, as variations caused by Govit-19 continue to disrupt supply chains.

Although the Ômicron variant in December caused many employers to back down from plans to return to the workplace, millions returned to the office. This explains the rise in clothing prices – men’s clothing inflation is at record highs.

Rents rose 4.2% last month, the largest increase since February 2007. Economists, unlike many other prices, expect rents to rise this year. // Translation by Romina Kasia

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