December 6, 2023

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Why pimples appear as a result of sweating and how to prevent them?

Why pimples appear as a result of sweating and how to prevent them?

“This condition, called miliaria, is due to Sweat duct obstruction , leaving the sweat “retained” inside, resulting in typical sores. Its most common symptoms are:

It’s normal to appear Small-sized papules (lumps) (1-3 mm), sometimes transparent or skin-colored, sometimes, if there is any inflammation, red.

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In rare cases, additional infection of these lesions may occur causing the appearance of pus Yellowish-white spots with a reddish contour are depicted.

Are there people more at risk of developing this problem?

The dermatologist details, as we have said, it is more common in newborns (due to the immaturity of the sweat ducts, which still “don’t know how” they work well).

But it also indicates that it can appear in other conditions, such as People who live in hot and humid climates Incidentally, this skin condition is also known as prickly heat, as well as in those who do work or activity Intense physics. Activity without using Sweat-wicking fabrics correctly.

All of them can suffer from this skin problem. Therefore, the best way to prevent it is to use fabrics that breathe well, and if we do physical exercises, do it in well-ventilated environments. Keep in mind that the rash in adults usually occurs in certain areas, such as skin folds and where clothing rubs.

And if they leave, what should I do?

The question to ask yourself for sure is how should you act in case the blisters appear when we sweat.

Dr. says. Ramirez Belfer.

It is also important not to resort to creams that are too greasy, which can clog the pores and keep the skin well clean. It is usually a rash that goes away on its own.

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