June 20, 2024

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Will the trip come? Open your nomadic account and save money in 54 countries and territories

Are you planning your next international trip and have not opened an account yet? Nomad? Know that you can save a lot of money on your trips to 54 countries and US territories. In addition, with the passenger coupon You get $ 10 After your first money transfer. Check out these full details Mail.

Nomadic zero spread

Nomad Account International Debit Card

Nomad Account offers its customers an international debit card Digital Attached to the account. That digital debit card Does not charge annually And integrated with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, allowing you to use both for purchases Realism And for individual purchases in a simple and practical way. You can also add your Nomad debit card PayPal, For example, subscribing to international digital services that are often inaccessible to non-card users issued in the United States. Even though it is a debit card, the biggest advantage of having a US card is that.

Nomadic Account United States

Nomad also has a debit card PhysicistIt also allows withdrawals from ATMs.

How to open Nomad’s free digital verification account

Open For free Your nomadic account requirements in the United States are as follows:

  • Keep a standard address in Brazil;
  • Have a phone number from Brazil or the United States; And
  • Be over 18 and submit one of these valid identification documents: CNH (National Driving License), RG (General Registration) or Brazilian Passport.

If you meet the above requirements, simply complete Download Tamil Available on the Nomad processor App Store (iOS) and Google Games (Android), then sign up with yours Skills.

Important: Use our coupon Passengers Guaranteed 10 USD Prize after 1st shipment (minimum US $ 100) within 15 days of opening the Nomad Account!

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Free digital checking account in the United States, but if you still do not know Nomad targeting Brazilians, read on That Mail, In it we present it in more detail.

Use your card in 54 countries and US territories

By using your Nomad debit card, you can “escape” the fees charged in Brazil for exchange rates such as IOF and save a good amount of money that you can most conveniently spend on your next trip.

US countries and territories where you can use your Nomad debit card:

  1. Germany;
  2. Argentina;
  3. அருபா;
  4. Australia;
  5. Austria;
  6. Bahrain;
  7. Belgium;
  8. Bolivia;
  9. Brazil;
  10. Canada;
  11. கத்தார்;
  12. Chile;
  13. Colombia;
  14. Costa Rica;
  15. Croatia;
  16. குராக்கோ;
  17. Denmark;
  18. United Arab Emirates;
  19. Ecuador;
  20. Spain;
  21. USA;
  22. Estonia;
  23. Finland;
  24. France;
  25. Greece;
  26. Guam;
  27. Netherlands;
  28. Hong Kong;
  29. Northern Mariana Islands;
  30. American Virgin Islands;
  31. Ireland;
  32. Iceland;
  33. Israel;
  34. Italy;
  35. ஜமைக்கா;
  36. ஜப்பான்;
  37. Luxembourg;
  38. Mexico;
  39. Monaco;
  40. Norway;
  41. பனாமா;
  42. Paraguay;
  43. பெரு;
  44. போலந்து;
  45. Puerto Rico;
  46. போர்ச்சுகல்;
  47. United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales);
  48. Dominican Republic;
  49. Czech Republic;
  50. American Samoa;
  51. Singapore;
  52. Sweden;
  53. Switzerland; And
  54. உருகுவே.


As we show in this Mail, This is a great opportunity to save money on international travel and make purchases more convenient.

Recently nomadic is also memorable Announced to start Brokerage, Its investment platform that allows the user to buy and sell shares and EFTs in the US stock markets.

Have you already opened your Nomad account? Download Processor At App Store (iOS) or Google Games (Android) and use coupon Passengers Earn $ 10 on your first payment within 15 days of opening the account when registering.