September 24, 2023

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William Bonner, Bon Jovi, on a trip to the United States with his wife

William Bonner, Bon Jovi, on a trip to the United States with his wife

William Boner meets singer John Bon Jovi during a tour of the US (Photo: Ilia S. Savonok / Bruce Glycos / Getty Images)

Travel to America with wife, Natasha Tandas, William Boner Appeared on social networks John Bon Jovi, Lead singer of the band Bon Jovi. This post was posted on fellow journalist’s Instagram Carolina CementDuring the visit of the editor of the “Journal National” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Photo by Lovers … and John Bon Jovi,” the journalist joked. In the comments, friends praised the meeting and mocked it with an unusual click: “I’m dead with John in the next movie for you! It shook me,” wrote a follower of Cement. “I zoomed in on the photo to see if it was a wax doll …” another follower announced in surprise. Comedian Rafinha Pastos He also celebrated this achievement, but jokingly: “John is like my Aunt Theresa”. Check:

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John Bon Jovi is not the only journalist to be loved. Recently, the head chef Paola Carousel Has been revealedAn unusual email from GoldConsidered a fan of the former reality show referee “Master Chef”. In an interview with the “Gate Day” podcast, he told the full story:

“I went to spend my 49th birthday at a hotel in Bahia, it’s so beautiful. I do not remember exactly where. I went with a friend and my daughter. I stayed in a bungalow, then you put your password and log on to TV,” she began, as soon as she arrived in Sao Paulo. , When she left the place she realized she had forgotten to lock off Netflix.

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Anxious, Paula decided to contact the hotel receptionist. However, when I opened the system, there was an email with the caption “Netflix is ​​signed in”. “Dear Paula, I found your email because when I entered the bungalow, Netflix was logged in. Well, I really liked your email because I’m a fan of yours! But do not worry, I have already disconnected my account. , Have dinner at your restaurant. A hug, William Bonner, “said the cook.