June 22, 2024

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With senator's fingerprint, SUS da Educação can be approved 33 years later than expected

With senator’s fingerprint, SUS da Educação can be approved 33 years later than expected

The national education system has the final report of Senator Dario Berger; The goal is to integrate governments in a collaborative manner, which sets planning and goals for performance and results

Since the 1988 constitution, the SNE (System of National Education) can become a reality with the important digital use of Santa Catarina.

Art on Photo Class Illustration – Photo: Stock Images / ND

Senator Dario Berger (MDB) has completed the bill’s final report, the SUS for Education.

The goal is to integrate the federal, state, and municipal governments into a collaborative system that defines planning and goals for performance and results.

  • literacy and regional disparities in education;
  • physical structure of schools with minimum quality standards;
  • recognition and lasting development of education professionals and education administrators;
  • Quality standards for teacher training institutions, including teaching practice during the training process;
  • integrating information and knowledge technologies into schools’ teaching practices;
  • Reconciling education with the use of new technologies.
Senator Dario Berger in Senate hearing – # 8211;  Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Disclosure/NDSenator Dario Berger in a Senate hearing. Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Devolgasau/ND

One of Dário’s contributions to the text was the creation of the CAQ (Cost Student Quality). The mechanism determines the amount that the government must invest per student per year in each stage of general basic education.

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