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With the failure of Gattito and two expulsions, the Botafogo loses to CUIABA

With the failure of Gattito and two expulsions, the Botafogo loses to CUIABA

On a night when something did not go well, Botafogo ended up losing 2-0 to Cuiaba, on Sunday, at the Arena Pantanal, in the Brazilian Championship. Gattito Fernandez missed the goals of Alisson and Andre Luis. The Alfinegro team lost two red cards (Hugo and Daniel Borges) and two through a header match (Lucas Biazon and Klaus).

In the first half of the low technical level and slow pace, worse for Botafogo. It is clear that Luis Castro’s strategy did not work. With three defenders implanted to score only Rodrigueno (9 false), Alvenegro’s side had a digital inferiority in the middle. Without an end (also because the team this time did not present), only Erison fought against the entire Cuiaba defense line. It will be difficult to work.

There was a first chance with Lucas Fernandez, who arrived at the top left after Erisson fixed it. But that’s it. Cuiaba took the risk to try with Valdivia, in the 9th minute, he finished the cross, but Cuesta cut with a heel.

With a good game and a bit of emotion, Cuiaba’s goal came in the 24th minute after a series of defensive errors by Botafogo. Lucas Biazon backed off a ball that could go forward, Cuesta couldn’t send it to attack, Gattito (in the biggest failure of the move) hit Owendel’s bad kick and Alisson took advantage of a defensive nap (principally from Hugo) to score. spare parts.

With two open midfielders on the sides (Lucas Piazon and Lucas Fernandez), as well as Del Biagi on the inside, Botafogo had neither the strength nor the aggressiveness. Ranger didn’t threaten Walter once in the first stage.

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In the second half, everyone expected the return of Luis Castro without the three defenders. But no, it took Del Piage to put Chay on. Botafogo also changed its stance, trying to be more steady.

In the ninth minute, in a beautiful play, Daniel Borges dominated the area, cleaned twice and rolled to the middle, but no one took advantage. The next minute, Chai shot out of the box and stunned Walter.

Finally, at the age of 21, Luis Castro removed Felipe Sampaio and replaced Givinho, leaving a three-agent scheme. The team made more matches, and was jeopardized in a cross from Daniel Borges who crossed the small area, but lost Hugo in the 26th minute. Chai grabbed the ball a lot and lost possession, the left-back headed hard on Joao Lucas and was sent off.

Without power, Botafogo almost ended up conceding a second goal at 37, in another failure by Gattito. The goalkeeper easily hit the ball, almost backwards, at the feet of Igor Karius, who sent it into the net. But there was an offside, noted in the video assistant referee.

In the end, Daniel Borges fouled, lost the ball in defense and made a foul blocking the promising striker, and ended up receiving a second yellow card. Another expulsion. Lucas Biazon and Victor Cuesta had to be replaced with a header between them. At 52, Andre Luiz scored the second goal, which was validated by VAR, and put the final numbers into the game.

Botafogo next matches

Botafogo turns his focus to Copa Brazil, where he faces America, Thursday, at Nelton Santos Stadium, and needs to reverse the match 3-0. For the Brazilian championship, the team will play again on Sunday, against Atlético MG, as well as at the Nilton Santos Stadium.

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data sheet
CUIABÁ 2 X 0 Botafogo

Venue: Arena Pantanal
Date and time: 07/10/2022 – 19:00
Referee: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (GO)
Assistants: Fabricio Villarino da Silva (FIFA / JO) and Crician Passos Sorens (GO).
Video technology: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA/SP)
Income / audience: 12,719 gifts
Yellow Cards: Daniel Burgess and Givinho (BOT)
Red Cards: Hugo, 26’/T2 (BOT); Daniel Burgess, 46 min/sec (BOT)
Goals: Alisson 24d/1 (1-0) Andre Lewis (51ft/2t)

Cuiaba: Walter; Joao Lucas (Daniel Guedes, 26/’Q2), Joachim Henrique, Marlon and Owendel (Igor Karius, 21’/’Q2); Camilo, Rafael Java, Alison (Andre Louis, 21 min/sec) and Kelvin Osorio (Alain Emperor, 35 min/sec); Valdivia (Marcao, 35 min/2ºT) and Rodrigoinho – Coach: Antonio Oliveira.

Botafogo: Gattito Fernandez; Philip Sampaio (Givinho, 21min/2ºT), Joel Carly and Victor Cuesta (Klaus, 51/2ºT); Daniel Borges, Del Piage (Tea, halftime), Patrick de Paula, Lucas Fernandez and Hugo; Lucas Biazon (Luis Oyama, 44d/2) and Erison – Coach: Luis Castro.