May 30, 2024

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Wrong job fraud |  How 52 people in the UK fell victim to fraud

Wrong job fraud | How 52 people in the UK fell victim to fraud

At Canaltech, We have already commented on various types of fake job scams, which have been used from the false news to guarantee attractive salaries to the victims. But the BBC in the United Kingdom did not go so far as to deceive 52 job seekers in a European country for months.

BBC Story describes the conspiracy that took place from October 2020 to mid-2021, in which a company with 10 years of experience in the market and a company established by an obvious celebrity in the market, collaborated with many to work during it. International spread.

Ali Ayad, a company called Madbird and its creator, promised employees that after six months they would receive a commission of about R $ 245,000, paid as a commission from the services provided.

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The staff who accepted Ayad’s offer then worked for several months at Madbird, and during that time no contracts were finalized, no commissions were paid, so some workers left, while others were strong, while the organization called in new experts — one of the newcomers who eventually discovered the truth.

In the aftermath of the epidemic, Ayat always indicated his intentions of inviting all employees to work in Madbird’s luxury office. A new employee, curious as to how she would get to the place, looked at the address – and found that it was exclusively residential.

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News spread among the staff that Ayodh had discovered that all the work he had submitted had been stolen from other sources, and that even the founder’s incredible work career was misleading.

Employees discovered that the company did not have top management and that the company’s 10-year history was incorrect, which was recorded in the last week of September 2020. When the problem reached Ayad, the creator of the company said there were no charges. Basically, but in the end, the company collapsed, ending several months of operations without paying any of the 52 hired employees.

How to protect yourself from fake employment scams

There are other false employment scams, affecting Brazil as well. (Image: Canaltech)

The coup used by Ayat provided continuity and a great structure Reported in other fake work newsBut in the end he used the same tactics: using higher wages, social engineering and people’s sensitivity in the midst of epidemics.

However, the plan quickly fell apart after an employee made a quick survey of the health headquarters of the work – which shows that the same attention was paid here when accepting job offers on the Internet.

As a precautionary measure, we state:

  • Always consult the employer, either by address or by the alleged head of the company for more information;
  • Be skeptical of paid jobs outside the market curve;
  • Avoid giving out personal information to avoid fraud on your behalf in the interview;
  • Also, even in times of an epidemic, try to plan a personal visit to the company headquarters and check if it really exists.
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In the end, if the 52 people who were deceived by the doubt had done a simple survey before starting work, they would not have set aside time for a job that would eventually pay nothing in the middle of the epidemic.

Source: BBC