September 28, 2023

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YouTube Tightens Actions Against COVID-19 Anti-vaccination Videos - 09/29/2021 - Balance and Health

YouTube Tightens Actions Against COVID-19 Anti-vaccination Videos – 09/29/2021 – Balance and Health

YouTube announced, Wednesday (29), a tightening of its policy against Anti-vaccination content He said his actions would not be limited to misleading videos about Covid-19 immunization.

“Videos that contain content that falsely claims approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects; or that says that vaccines do not reduce disease transmission; or that they cause infectious diseases; or that contain misinformation about the substances used” will also be blocked. Posted on Brazilian website.

According to YouTube, the measure includes content where approved vaccines cause autism, cancer or infertility, or can leave marks on those who are vaccinated.

Misleading or false videos about old vaccines, such as German measles and hepatitis B, can also be removed from the site.

Content related to vaccination policies and new vaccine trials as well as historical successes or failures of vaccines is still allowed, as long as it respects YouTube’s rules.

The platform indicated that it had already taken action against misinformation regarding Covid-19 immunization agents and reported that, in one year, it had removed more than 130 videos that violated its rules.

On Tuesday (28), the company suspended the German accounts of Russian public television RT for broadcasting “false information about COVID-19”. Moscow described the punishment as censorship and threatened to block YouTube in the country.

Tech giants are under increasing pressure to suppress or mitigate, Anti-vaccination content from your platformEspecially since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In mid-September, Facebook unveiled a new tool against conspiracy theorists, or violent groups. He turned in particular to the German movement Querdenken (Anticonformist), which links sanitary measures against the epidemic with deprivation of liberties.

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Twitter also has regulations on this subject and reserves the right to withdraw content and penalize those involved in case of violation.