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Zopone / Unimed defeats Corinthians and takes 4th place in the NBB

Zopone / Unimed defeats Corinthians and takes 4th place in the NBB

Victor Lira / Bauru Basket

Larry Tello scored 12 points in Bauru’s win over Corinthians

Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket beat Corinthians, this Tuesday (28), with a score of 77-71, in a match held at the Pana de Pressão Arena, in Bauru, valid for the start of the first stage of the 2021/22 New Brazilian Basketball Edition (NBB14).

The first half of Dragão was very good, with the team starting the quarter at a good pace. With that, he quickly took command of the tag and unlocked the advantage, as he was effective in defense. In the final part, the team led by coach Guerrinha dominated the positive result, stopping the opponent’s attempt to recover – 20 to 15 (first quarter).

In the second quarter, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket had an excellent performance on medium and long shots, as well as counting on the good performance of the athletes who came off the bench, who maintained the high level of the players who started the match. . In addition, coach Guerrinha has been very meticulous with the changes. Using the strength of their group, the Dragon expanded his advantage – 24 to 16 (second quartile).

On the way back from the break, Bauru dominated the positive, with the Corinthians growing in production and staying ahead, reducing the difference slightly. In the final 10 minutes, Dragao started well, but Corinthians quickly managed to recover and narrowed the gap further, but the host team used the strength and experience of their key players well to keep control of the score and win an important match – 17 to 23 (third quarter), 16 to 17 (last quarter).

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“It was another great match, as our opponent always makes it difficult to play, but we got the positive result, which was very important. Our goal in this last match of the year was. Now, it is about rest and recharging the energy for the return of the championship,” he commented. Raphael Hechimer.

They played for Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket: 02. Samuel “Barra” Santos, 03. Dontrell Brite (07 points, 06 rebounds, 01 assists and 03 rebounds), 04. Larry Taylor (12 points, 03 rebounds, 05 assists and 03 balls recovered), 09. Felipe Vizarro (08 points, 02 rebounds and 02 assists), 10. Alex Garcia (14 points, 03 rebounds, 07 assists, 01 rebounds and 01 blocks), 12. Lucas Santos, 17. Danilo Bentido, 20. Igor Araujo, 25. Gabriel Gach (10 points, 07 rebounds, 01 assists, 01 rebounds and 02 blocks), 28. Enzo Ruiz (06 points, 01 rebounds), 30. Rafael Hecchimer ( 20 points, 07). rebounds, 02 pass passes and one block) and 33. Silvio Nicoello Neto

Technical Committee: Vanderlei Mazzuchini Junior (Supervisor), Jorge Guerra (Technician), Hudson Previdelo and Everton Moraes (Technical Assistants), Bruno Camargo (Physical Trainer), Gustavo de Carvalho Lopes, José Bassan (Physical Therapists), Roger Ted Mansano, Carlos Eduardo Moraes Matos (Doctors) and Anderson “Tatá” Guimarães (Operations Director)

The main names in Corinthians were Alexandre Baranos (18 points, 11 rebounds – double double) and Keeler Fuller (15 points, 5 assists).

With this positive result, Dragao had 10 wins and three defeats, placing him fourth in the general classification of Novo Basketball Brasil (NBB) – 2021/2022.

The first Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket Challenge in 2022 will be against Paulistano, on January 6 (Thursday), 8pm, again at the Pana de Pressure Arena, in Bauru.

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