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00Nation and MIBR Stand on the Road at ESEA Cash Fall Cup #2 |  5 . draft

00Nation and MIBR Stand on the Road at ESEA Cash Fall Cup #2 | 5 . draft

Competition calendar 00 nation NS MIBR On European soil does not stop. After playing in the open selectivity of IEM Winter 2021 Last Friday (15), both Brazilian clips return to the server on Saturday (16) by ESEA Cash Fall Cup #2.

The tournament, played in best short style, will run until next Sunday (17), with a small bid of $4,000. Soul AcademyAnd iNationAnd AGO NESTAnd kids wonderAnd OPAAAAnd allianceAnd D13 NS EC Kiev Are some of the most prominent teams present at the event.

00Nation trying to recover from fall in IEM Winter 2021 trials | Photo: HLTV.org

The competition is broadcasted by Ambassador Jean.mchMichel Dollivera on his official channel on Twitch. This article will be constantly updated as the tournament progresses.

The end of the Brazilian teams streak in this version of cash cup. while the 00 nation Unable to beat xDDDD employment dust 2 and subject to 16 to 10, MIBR lose to Pandaleros By 16 to 9 inches Mirage.

3:34 pm 00Nation wins again

MIBR win the D13 Power 5 A3.

15 h 06 – Boltz commands victory MIBR

MIBR The Germans win easily Mirage From 16 to 10 and now takes Mongolian D13.

00 nation Keep playing in front of Meta4Pro: 8 to 8 inches dust 2.

14h03 – MIBR rating

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MIBR Exorcism Imperium And progress in the transformation to confront the Germans too wild Kevin the veteranCrystal“Edit: From 25 to 22 with great acting by Raphael”Exit‘Lacerda.

about it, MIBR Alleged Hell Isn’t Over Yet: 23 to 22 by Adriano”wood 7Cerato and Associates.

In Fernando’s wonderful performance.”ActAlvarenga who finished the match with 25/17 k/d, 00 nation beat the swedes Mirage By 16 to 12 and advance in the switch to get dog in one another Mirage.

MIBR They are tied from 10 to 10 inches big fire.

12 hours The Brazilians go to fight

VitokgGiuseppe and his forces are preparing to face the Swedes No meat pls In the second round. MIBR Still Letà Imperium.

for the first time 00 nation NS MIBR The tournament was briefly postponed due to the fact that teams ranked #1 and #5, respectively, received Farewell In the first round they are now waiting to determine their opponents.