June 20, 2024

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Vasco x Coritiba: See where to watch, teams, embezzlement and arbitration |  Brazilian chain B

Vasco x Coritiba: See where to watch, teams, embezzlement and arbitration | Brazilian chain B

In a first-class match, Basque NS Curitiba Showdown on Saturday afternoon, 4:30 p.m., in São Janorio. For the Rio team, seeking to get closer to the arrival zone, the match took on a decisive character. In a more relaxed setting, leader Thigh tries to win again after three rounds of faltering.

The match will receive the largest number of fans in Sao Januario since the gradual return of fans to the stadium. Vasco submitted 7,700 tickets. A little more than 6000 were previously sold.

In the first round, the clubs tied Coto Pereira 1-1. For eight years, Vasco Curitiba was not defeated. The last victory was in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

After winning three in a row and getting close to G-4, he became Basque He saw his reaction stalled by the loss to Sampaio Correia in the last round. However, at São Januaro, the idea is to show that the result was just an unexpected stumble, but that the team is still in a good moment. The club is in eighth place with 43 points with seven points from the access area after Friday’s matches.

NS Curitiba It comes from a 3-0 loss to Cruzeiro at home. Prior to that, Alfeverde’s team scored two straight draws against Remo (0-0, away) and Konvianca (1-1, at home). The last victory of the White Thighs in the second division was against Guarani 1-0, on September 25, at the Coto Pereira stadium.

Possible lineups – Photo: Arte / ge

Vasco – coach Fernando Diniz

Still without Andre, who has been upset during the week, and has yet to complete his physical recovery after a thigh injury, Fernando Diniz must maintain the same team he started against Sampaio Correia. The trend is for Zika and Riquelme to play on the flanks, Bruno Gomez to play as the first defensive midfielder and Gabriel Beck to play on the attack. The news is off the bench at the expense of Liu Gaba, who embezzled the team in the last two rounds due to back pain.

Possible lineup: Vanderlei, Zeca, Ricardo Graça, Leandro Castan, Riquelme; Bruno Gomez and Marquinhos Gabriel and Nene; Gabriel Beck and Morato and Kano.

Who is out: Andre (Fitness); Sarrifiore and Michel (Medical Department); Preference point (suspension by steroids)

suspended: Vanderlei, Leandro Castan, Ricardo Graça, Bruno Gomes, Nenê, and Fernando Diniz.

Possible casting for Fazco against Curitiba – Photo: ge

Curitiba – Coach: Gustavo Moringo

Possible lineup: Wilson. Nathaniel, Henrik, Luciano Castan, and Guilherme Perrault; Willian Farias, Val (Gustavo Boccha), Robinho; Igor Picasso, Rafinha and Leo Jamalho

Possible Coritiba x Vasco – Photo: arte / ge

embezzlement: Nathan Ribeiro (transitional period); Matthews Sells and Edson Carioca (Medical Department)

suspended: Wilson, Nathan Ribeiro, Wellington Carvalho, Willian Farias, Matthew Sells, Val, Rafinha, Igor Paixao, Gustavo Morenigo.

Judging display – image: graphs

Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO) manages the match with the help of Fabricio Villarino da Silva (GO) and Bruno Rafael Perez (GO). Elmo Alves Resende (GO) will be the video referee.