October 2, 2023

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5 dangerous foods you may eat at home and will not believe

5 dangerous foods you may eat at home and will not believe

Nature gives us Thousands of edible options. Creativity with the ability to prepare food gives people endless ways to cook and eat food.

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Culture is a determining factor in eating habits, while in many countries beef is eaten, others forbid consumption. In cultures such as Asia, it is common to consume animals such as scorpions and rats.

However, there are some foods ingested that pose health risks, which can cause serious toxicity problems and may even lead to death. You need to know how to prepare to avoid problems or consume in moderation. Let’s get to know 5 foods that are eaten but pose health risks.

5 foods to eat that require moderation and attention


They’re delicious when toasted, go well with ice cream or chocolate, we’re used to eating them, and they don’t cause any inconvenience. However, consumption should only take place after exposure to high temperatures, as this removes toxins present in chestnuts, such as urushiol, a chemical element that can be toxic. Therefore, do not consume raw nuts and take care to avoid excessive consumption.


famous in the brazilian list, Cassava is a type of root Full of health benefits. But it is included in the list of foods that must be carefully prepared, as they pose risks when eaten raw.

When preparing cassava, it is necessary to know how to peel it correctly, because in its peel there is a toxin called linamarin, which can turn into cyanide in the body. It is therefore essential that they be prepared with care, as it is essential to properly cook the food so that toxins are eliminated and they do not pose health risks.

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puffer fish

It is a fish with a large predominance in Brazilian waters, and is among the most caught fish due to its ease of finding. But did you know that there is a species known as “fugu” that is very common in countries like Japan, which contains concentrations of quaternary toxin, a highly toxic element, which can be about 200 times more lethal than cyanide.

Fortunately we do not have this type of fish in Brazil. And there in Japan, it is made by experts and the preparation process takes longer.

Raw oysters and oysters

These are foods that can cause food poisoning when eaten raw. Especially if they are caught in polluted waters and without proper hygiene. It is worth highlighting the dangers when fishing in polluted waters, as they can cause gastrointestinal infections, diarrhea, nausea, colic and can even lead to death.

So, if you want to eat this type of food, before eating, check the origin and state of preservation.


You can believe that this spice used in desserts to prepare potatoes, meat, sauces and vegetables, when eaten in large quantities, can cause serious side effects, such as stomach pain, nausea, shortness of breath and even seizures.

Food-borne botulism rarely leads to death, but who knows, you risk overeating, right?