July 19, 2024

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5 healthy tips to improve your diet in the office

5 healthy tips to improve your diet in the office

The pandemic has put us in a situation where many processes have been accelerated, and one of them has been the commitment to working remotely. And one of the biggest challenges people face home office Is the quality of the food.

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Frozen meals and calorie snacks have taken over the refrigerators of many homes due to their practicality and the difficulty of judging work at home and meal times.

In addition, ending work and having all the food available in the house can often become a trigger to eat more in an effort to reduce menstrual anxiety. With the intent of helping you eat better, we’ve broken down tips for you on eating well, once and for all.

5 easy tips to eat better

  • Take snacks, stuffed cookies and soda out of your pantry

What you don’t have at your disposal, you consume less. Think with me, if you don’t have stuffed cookies in your cupboard at home, you won’t stop working to get them.

On the contrary, eating nuts, dried fruits, crackers and fruits available at home increases the chance of eating these foods. Well, you know it’s great for your health.

  • Have time to eat

Your food should be at a specific time, otherwise it makes your home business a mess. Just like in a company, you need to set regular times to take a break to eat.

Having water at your disposal as well as improving your body’s hydration levelwhich will therefore improve your level of concentration, will help you not to eat just because “food is available”.

  • Make your food in advance
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Make it a habit to collect your food ahead of time. If you are used to eating fast, you will almost certainly be eating ultra-processed things instead of real food.

Setting warm up in advance helps you stay on track and work better.

  • When it’s time to eat, go to the kitchen.

Your brain needs to understand that even though you are at home, you are working. So, just as it is not a good idea to work with your pajamas, it is also interesting that you do it Avoid eating in front of the computer.

Eating with your cell phone, TV, or computer causes you to get unconscious nourishment, where you are, quite literally, just swallowing food. And we know that swallowing food without thinking about it can be harmful, whether due to lack of sufficient chewing or not realizing the moment of satiety, Makes you eat more than you need.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to eat well, but it does require attention and desire, which your body rewards with improved health and performance at work.