July 20, 2024

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The Ministry of Health and Vicruz launch a course to combat COVID-19

The Ministry of Health and Vicruz launch a course to combat COVID-19

Today (15), the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation of Mato Grosso do Sul (Fiocruz-MS), launched the Education Program on Surveillance and Healthcare in Dealing with Covid-19 and Other Viral Diseases (VigiEpidemic). Launched almost, by Fiocruz YouTube channel.

The course was launched in the context of the triple cycle of viruses: COVID-19, H3N2 influenza and dengue fever. The initiative targets professionals from the Unified Health System (SUS), health workers, managers, students and those interested in the topic. The program seeks to produce rapid responses to emergencies within the scope of health surveillance.

The classes will take place in four independent self-learning modules, i.e. the student will choose which modules he wants to take in order to obtain his qualification. Upon completion of each module, the student will undergo an assessment and receive a certificate. The courses contain a variety of educational resources, such as e-books, podcasts, and video lessons, and the student can also ask questions with the experts.

Participants who have completed the four modules will be able to further their training by applying for two more modules with private lessons, which will allow them to obtain a specialty certificate. Interested students should pay attention to the general calls for the major, which will have pre-set criteria and limited places.

The program is free and interested parties can register for Location from Fucruz.

Deborah Dupas, Fiocruz – MS Program Coordinator, noted during the launch of the program that the current moment requires rapid responses. She explained that the course was prepared in real time and focused on the reality of health professionals in practice, and aims to adopt preventive measures for the outbreak of other diseases in the future.

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According to Dubas, more than 80 people were involved in developing the course, including professors, researchers, IT staff, educational coordinators, reviewers, and others. The professionals preparing the course have received training in mass health and surveillance, virology and sexually transmitted viruses at various educational and research institutions in the country.

Daniela Bossi, director of the Department of Environmental Health, Employment and Public Health Emergencies Monitoring at the Ministry of Health, explained that the modules can be done in a student’s time, making it easier for many people who, in the end, can’t follow through. More rigorous courses due to workloads. She pointed out that those interested can still take two additional units and obtain the title of specialist.

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