June 16, 2024

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50 years of Unimed

50 years of Unimed

50 years of Unimed
Felipe Barbosa

The supervisor of Folha de Londrina, Nicolás Mejía, received from the President of Unimed, Omar Taha, a book on the 50 years since the establishment of the Medical Cooperative in Londrina. Photography by Felipe Barbosa.

50 years of Unimed

A tribute to the judge who took to the streets to communicate with the weak

Judge Claudia Catavista, President of the Londrina County Adolescent Court, last Tuesday (16) received congratulatory votes and an honorary certificate of appreciation from the Parana Legislative Assembly for her distinguished work in the judiciary. Parana. The honor was proposed by Vice-State Tercilio Turini. She came from Rio Grande do Sul 16 years ago, competed and took root here with two kids from London. “For their sake and for a better society for all, I have decided to leave the office and make contact with people, work with the public in vulnerable situations, and teenagers in conflict with the law,” he said. Torini highlighted projects coordinated by the winner of the National Awards. “A judge who practices a culture of peace, who has promoted the concept of restorative justice in Londrina, is tireless in initiatives to welcome children, adolescents and young people, raise their awareness and re-socialize them,” she said. In the photo, Judge Fabian Peruccini, representing the Presidency of the Court of Justice, Tercilio Turini, Claudia Catavista and President of the Legislative Assembly Ademar Traiano.

50 years of Unimed

Award-Winning HR

The HRs + Admirados do Brasil 2021 and CEO + Admirados do Brasil 2021 Awards were recently held in Sao Paulo. The annual survey, promoted by Gestão RH Group, aims to evaluate human resource managers who are a reference in the market. Pictured, Mauricio Chiesa Carvalho, Director of Human Resources and Social Responsibility at Tamarana Tecnologia Ambiental (Tamarana-PR) and Rodrigo André Fernandes, Director of Human Resources at Claro Brasil (São Paulo) are among the winners of the RHs + Admirados do Brasil 2021 award. The finalists represent Finalists 7% of the contestants win the prize.

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adoption campaign

Saturday, the 20th, is campaign day to adopt cats and dogs in the Armazém da Moda car park, from 10am to 5pm. You are invited to discover important volunteer work. More information by calling (43) 99996-5666.

Strassberger has opened a new store in Londrina

The famous Strassberger, a tourist district in the Warta region where Londoners and residents of other cities go, usually travel, is preparing to open its new store here in Londrina, scheduled for December 15. It will be near Arnaldo Lanches, with the goal of serving the entire Igapó Lake District, Gleba Palhano and anyone else who wants it.

surrounded by friends

In the presence of about 40 friends, hotel owner Roberto Vizzozo was honored, yesterday, during lunch, by his family and led by his daughter Fabiana Vizzozo and Fabio Vizzozo. Lots of stories to tell among everyone and also the memories of many friends who are gone. This hug is for the birthday boy of São Paulo and the card with the card ‘Tobarao’. The column is represented by journalist Marcelo Militao. Mayor Marcelo Bellinati was unable to make it to lunch as he was detained in São Paulo.

The secretary wants to vaccinate the children

The city’s health minister, Dynamic Felipe Machado, told friends who attended Roberto Vizzo’s lunch that he was really rooting for the city to get the vaccines to apply to London’s children, ages 3 to 13. It will be peace of mind for everyone without a doubt.

Writing test suggestions

With the members of the team that prepared the sprint gone, not agreeing with the “extra facts” as they said, what about the essay topic for Sunday’s test? It can be ‘Brazil above all, God above all’, this is the mantra espoused by President Jair Bolsonaro. And more: “Environment: What is the best solution for Amazon?”. Other topics: “How has it changed the lives of Brazilians for the better? “Why do Brazilian voters still vote for personal gain?’ And also: “Brazilians’ self-esteem is in tatters: how do you get it back?” “Do you think Pope Francis, when he speaks, takes action afterwards or just plays for the audience?” Final suggestion: “Is it true that no one is happy all the time? Say and comment on any reasons. Good luck to all students.

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