July 19, 2024

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Patients with fractures complain of lack of space and neglect – Cascavel

Patients with fractures complain of lack of space and neglect – Cascavel

Two UPA Tancredo patients with fractures contacted our report to report failures in the public health system.

Sidney Alves de Moraes, who works in marble, has been at UPA Tancredo since Saturday, when he broke his finger.

He says he is waiting for a place in the referral hospital and the place is not coming out. The finger is almost healed and has not yet undergone surgery.

According to Sydney, there is nothing to complain about the service, but he is in dire need of a vacancy.

“Such situations have to be quick, it can’t be long. In addition to the fact that I need to work, I am self-employed, “says the patient.

Another patient says he had an accident on September 20, in which he ended up with a broken foot. According to him, UPA Tancredo personnel only cleaned and sewed the wounds, requiring 33 stitches. He says he was then discharged from the hospital without an X-ray.

18 days after the stitches were removed, the doctor suspected a broken foot. An X-ray was taken indicating the fracture, the bone was calcifying in a twisted shape, and surgery is now needed to correct it.

The patient complains of neglect on the part of the team and demands general improvements in the health system.

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