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6 apps to exercise alone

6 apps to exercise alone

apps physical activities Those who do not like training in the gym are ideal.. Some have options Free, others fully paid. But Worth knowing! See today December 24 below, 5 applications for those who want to exercise at home.

The option to exercise at home is always a good option, Both for those who do not want or those who cannot leave the house. Therefore, the Decoration and Decca Season List of some apps to help you with your exercise routine.

Physical activities at home 6 apps to exercise on your own you need to know about reproduction pexels2

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adidas training

First, adidas training Allows you to set a goal and then proceed Exercise routine to see if you’re doing well! Also, he has Your training report, to let you know about the exercises you have already done or not.

And you, too You can save a picture of yourself when you start the exercise to compare it to another picture later, After some time doing physical activities. Various exercises Available in this application, That is, it is guaranteed to satisfy All tastes!


This application is suitable for Who loves to run! It’s a running Puma app. In it, you will find information about Weather so you don’t go out for a run on a rainy day. Also, is Tracks the progression of the race according to the conditions you are racing in. For example, it records the effect of the music a runner hears on the running energy.

nike training club

This app has Different types of training for different types of goals. In addition to, They have some workouts that focus on beginners, anyone looking to gain mass, or anyone looking to lose weight. select training option, You will do physical activities for a set period of time, under the plan you choose. This way, you will be able to analyze the results after the specified time!

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daily burn

First of all, Kiima Diaria has Different teachers have different types of training. For those who love to work Increase muscle mass, or even for those who want to become more flexibleThere are specific activities. However, those who want to find more Focus and calm, you will find meditation lessons.


Another app from Physical activity with options to suit the most diverse tastes, This is. he has Weightlifting exercises and even yoga exercises. In addition to, It is allowed to choose which part of the body you want to train and how long to train. For more tips on home fitness apps, see the video below, from Right Tennis’ YouTube channel:

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