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We're not the same anymore, and that's okay!  - 12/24/2021 - Antonio Jose Pereira

We’re not the same anymore, and that’s okay! – 12/24/2021 – Antonio Jose Pereira

In 2021, Deloitte, HCFMUSP’s partner in innovation projects, launched the 2021 Global Healthcare Outlook Survey, in which it indicated six urgent issues for the health sector to act on. The epidemic has already enhanced two characteristics: 1) pressure on health professionals, structure and supply chain, and 2) demand for rapid changes in public and private systems, adapting to new needs and innovating flexibly.

Thus, the pressing issues were: new consumer habits, agile ways of working, digital transformation, collaboration between ecosystems, innovation in the care model, and socio-economic changes. For the company, governments, caregivers, investors and others now face even greater challenges.

At this turn of the year, in relation to previous balances and events, I think about what we experienced in HCFMUSP with Sars-CoV-2. And while it’s a painful scenario, I see that we have done more than possible and are on the right track.
From April to September 2020, we have transformed the hospital into the largest Covid-19 treatment reference center in Brazil. It was unprecedented in his 76 years of HC, and had some of the best results in Latin America and many European countries. Our crisis committee developed the strategies, and we partnered with all the institutes of the HC complex and the University of the South Pacific Hospital.

On January 30, 2020 – a month before the first case of Covid in São Paulo – our Medical Council mobilized the Crisis Committee to develop an operational plan to combat the disease. We have determined that the best thing is to completely isolate the building from the Central Institute (ICHC), so that it only focuses on coronavirus patients. The business would not be successful without HC’s more than 20,000 employees, 1,700 residents, residents and multi-professional students. The 11 floors of the building have been reconfigured, with the suites and surgical centers adapted into intensive care units.

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we did Innovation in the model of care. We started with 94 ICU beds, and that number has doubled – another 300 beds were created in the ICU and 500 beds in the ward. Here we see one of the points Deloitte made: the flexible way of working. We are transforming our entire environment by planning and organizing and very quickly.

Of course, we got essential donations: With this help, we got more than 500 pieces of equipment – including 150 multifactor machines and 68 pulmonary ventilators. We are placing robots in wards, intensive care units and outpatient clinics, reducing the chance of infection transmission to professionals. The robots interacted with patients who arrived for appointments. We use tablets to maintain communication between inpatients and family. We have seen consumers adopt new habits.

Nucleus IT (Neti) launched ‘HC at Home’, a platform that allowed rescheduling of outpatient consultations and procedures, avoiding going to the pool. The user can also access the patient portal to know his treatment.

With Serio Lebanon’s nursing team, IHC has trained 1,020 employees to develop nursing skills and capabilities for highly complex patients. Internally, the Partnerships Network has demonstrated a flexible way of working, digital transformation and collaboration between ecosystems. Example: Anesthesiologists have trained medical staff in the airway approach.

This is how we innovate in care. 1,664 pandemic residents recalled; More than 700 young doctors worked on the front lines and 900 assisted patients who were transferred from the center to other institutes.

The results reveal the power of HCFMUSP to act: a) ICHC has admitted around 9,000 critically ill Covid patients and has had a high success rate; b) in the most critical period, the occupancy of 300 ICU beds exceeded 90%; c) There have been 106 deliveries of Covid-19 patients, four of whom are in the intensive care unit.

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The partnership with Institutos do Complexo HC and Hospital Universitário guarantees, on average, 100 admissions and 800 urgent surgeries per month for patients with other diseases. The Emergency and Emergency Unit referred to, at InCor, has treated more than 2,000 critically ill patients; In the university hospital, there were more than 7000 consultations. We are still performing 100 transplants, the ambulance building encouraged 132,000 outpatient consultations and the day hospital received more than 1,600 patients.

So, yes, HCFMUSP works in a pioneering and distinct way. And what makes me most proud is that the views indicated for 2021 have already been experienced in 2020! That’s why HCFMUSP is the largest healthcare complex in Latin America!

We pay attention to social and economic changes – Brazil has a lot to develop. May 2022, with the elections, will be even better, so that health will increasingly reach the entire population equally.

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