September 28, 2023

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8 subtitles MPs are trying to overturn the health plan increase

8 subtitles MPs are trying to overturn the health plan increase

Last Friday (27) deputies of at least eight parties with different ideological leanings submitted a draft legislative decree with the aim of halting the decision submitted to the National Agency for Complementary Health that Authorized increases in state health plans.

The ANS decision was made the day before and authorized an adjustment of up to 15.5% in monthly fees for Medicare hospital plans contracted through an individual or family.

In the face of the decision, the following federal lawmakers submitted bills to overturn the decision: Sileo Stoddart (PSD-CE), Andre Janones (Avante MG), Sanderson (PL-RS), Soraya Manato (PTB-ES), Leo Moraes (Pode-RO) and Eduardo da Fonte (PP-PE), Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP), and Rafael Motta (PSB-RN).

In the draft legislative decree issued by Sileo Stoddart and Andre Janonis, the authors state that “the amendment comes in a context in which consumers are already experiencing significant increases in the cost of living, with essentials such as fuel, electricity and food, having suffered some of the most significant impacts.”

Rep. Sanderson notes that the adjustment would be more than double the central bank’s inflation forecast in 2022, at 7.1%. “It is inconceivable, especially in the period of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, that about 8 million families are affected, many of whom are likely to leave their health plans and resort to the already overburdened SUS with a decision of step with the social and economic reality in the world “.

In Soraya Manato’s justification, the question revolves around the fact that the NSA, in the opinion of the parliamentarian, has crossed the regulatory authority and the limits of legislative mandate. “The act we intend to stop favors operators at the expense of consumers, in a context already marked by imbalance and asymmetry of forces,” he says.

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Léo Moraes, in turn, cites a study by the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec) which shows that the period of the pandemic represented intense economic growth for health plan operators. According to him, another relevant point is that the decision to allow a higher increase in inflation “will have negative consequences for the Unified Health System (SUS), which is increasingly burdened by the effects of the pandemic and needs a continuous allocation of material, human and financial resources.”

Eduardo da Fonte states in his project that the increase “is the largest since 2000, the year the Autonomous System (ANS) was established” and that it reaches 8 million customers, which represents 16.3% of consumers of health care plans in Brazil.

Ivan Valenti states in the text of his decree that “the ANS, which is said to act in defense of the public interest in complementary health care, regulates sectoral operators, including in relation to their relations with service providers and consumers, has otherwise signed its actions to satisfy market interests.” He also stated that the entity is “controlled by Centrão, which is responsible for the recent appointment of directors and the presidency of the organ”.

Finally, Rafael Motta sees the amendment as “incoherent, cruel and arbitrary” at a time of economic hardship and social weakness in the country.

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