October 2, 2023

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I can't lose weight, what should I do?

I can’t lose weight, what should I do?

  • you Eat added sugars ? They are empty calories that, nutritionally speaking, contribute nothing and the only thing they will do is make you eat more; Above all, ignore the idea that in the morning they can give you more energy.
  • Do you eat margarine? Really, It’s not good fat . use Butter, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil (always organic) .
  • Be careful with foods that you might consider healthy, such as deli meats of cooked turkey or pork, because they definitely contain less than 94% of meat. The best thing is to look at the label and choose the ones they have Higher meat content and less additives .
  • you The grains you are consuming are 100% whole grains. ? This is important because they are more satiating and will help you get the amount of fiber your body needs each day.
  • Do not underestimate your consumption of eggs thinking that they are too fat or unhealthy, because The fats they provide are of high quality and their proteins have a high satiating effect . Of course, as far as possible, buy them organic or outdoors. Check by looking at The first number that appears printed on your cover: It should always be 0 or 1 .
  • consume more oily fish Rich in Omega-3, as they are beneficial for cardiovascular and mental health, in addition to helping maintain a good mood. Remember to choose smaller ones like anchovies, sardines, mackerel, or anchovies.
  • what do you take Snack Morning or afternoon snack? nuts , which can also be eaten in cream, is one of the best options. they contain Healthy fats have a satiating effect . Oh, and don’t forget olive !
  • you Consumes processed or pre-cooked products ? They often contain low-quality fats, such as refined olive oil, which are altered upon manufacture, eliminating most of their benefits. Also, many of them contain sunflower oil (which is not high oleic), which is more suitable for frying products.
  • do you remember avocado fever ? Well, keep it up this year, because it’s another food that has a really good kind of fat. Healthy, saturated and can help you reduce the amount of other ingredients To control the portion of your dishes.
  • Do you accept products light or 0% ? While it is true that they contain fewer calories, you will eat more if you fill them up with less. Also remember that in Almost all products that say they contain 0% fat, this has been replaced with sugar .
  • Do you buy products that say they are low in sugar or low in fat? Do not panic! These names should not tempt you. Go to the market more and more to the supermarket. Buy less bundled products so don’t get confused when it comes to knowing how to make a good choice of what should fill your pantry: Legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish and rice should be the basis of your diet .
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