June 21, 2024

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96.5 million Brazilians fully vaccinated

96.5 million Brazilians fully vaccinated

More than 96.5 million Brazilians have had a full course of vaccination against COVID-19. In all, 965,25104 people took the second or single dose of an immunizing agent, corresponding to 45.25% of the country’s population. The data was released today by the Federation of Press Vehicles, among them UOL It is a portion, based on information provided by state health departments.

Between yesterday and today, the second dose was applied to 1,371,596 Brazilians. In the same period, another 532,854 received first reinforcements and 215,814 reinforcements. In all, there were 2,119,089 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 that were applied across the country during this period.

Because there was a recount of applied single doses in the state of Ceará, the total recorded in Brazil over the past 24 hours was negative: -1,175.

In total, 148.644221 have been vaccinated with the first dose so far, which corresponds to 69.68% of the country’s population. The booster doses applied so far have reached 1,763,887.

The first vaccination dose 6/10

Photo: UOL

The state of São Paulo remains in the lead among those with the highest proportion of the population with full vaccination: 59.48% of its population. It is followed by Mato Grosso do Sul (59.01%), Rio Grande do Sul (51.31%), Paraná (47.25%) and Espírito Santo (46.22%).

Paulistas is also ahead of the time when it comes to vaccination with the first dose: 79.46% of its population. Next comes Rio Grande do Sul (72.55%), Santa Catarina (71.8%), the Federal District (71.7%) and Paraná (70.85%).

Preliminary study: Half a dose of AstraZeneca gives equal results for all

Presented a national study, underway in Viana, in the Vitoria metropolitan area, A The preliminary result shows that a half dose of AstraZeneca vaccine has an effect similar to the full dose, which is a standard and is implemented in this way throughout Brazil.

Full dose vaccination 6/10 - UOL - UOL

Full dose vaccination 6/10

Photo: UOL

The project, called Viana Vacinada, has immunized 20,000 city residents aged between 18 and 49. They took half of two doses, eight weeks apart, between July and August.

According to the preliminary result published by the researchers to the Ministry of Health, 88% of the population obtained antibodies to the disease after the first application.

After the second, that number jumped to 99.8%. According to the research coordinators, this ratio is identical to that recorded in people who took the entire two doses.

Vehicles combine for information

In response to the government’s decision Jair Bolsonaro To restrict access to covid-19 pandemic data and media UOLand O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo, O Globo, g1 and Extra consortium to work collaboratively to obtain necessary information directly from state health secretariats in 27 units of the Federation.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should be the natural source for these numbers, but the positions of the authorities and the president himself during the pandemic cast doubt on the availability and accuracy of the data.

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