May 30, 2024

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A bear was seen bathing with a teddy bear in the forest - Metro World News Brasil

A bear was seen bathing with a teddy bear in the forest – Metro World News Brasil

Last year, Tamarack was rescued from a wildfire area in Northern California, United States. The paws of an orphaned bear cub were burned in the fire. Information from the portal dodo.

The bear underwent treatment to heal his injuries at a wildlife care facility. To the surprise of the rescuers, the animal was able to return to the wild.

After the panic he went through, Tamarack is still alive and well. Since his last escape, wildlife enthusiast Toogee Sielsch has captured the bear on tracking cameras placed throughout the woods near his home.

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camera shot

Recently, one of the cameras on which Silesh Tamarack was caught was caught bathing in a large pond in a certain area of ​​the woods. However, the animal was not alone. In his company, he found a teddy bear – he probably already met and befriended her.

No one knows where Tamarack’s doll came from, yet the bear seems to have made a new best friend. Seles was astonished at what he saw.

“I thought it was an almost perfect example of playing not just young black bears, but all of them,” Seles told The Dodo.

This bear record definitely became a well-deserved plot twist, as the animal had been through a difficult situation the previous year, which could have cost him his life. Happy and with a new girlfriend, Tamarack is living in a well deserved, happy scenario.

“I am delighted to see his progress against all odds as the Orphan Puppy and Handler of the Year, who is now 1 year old,” said Selish. “It shows how tough wildlife is when it comes to survival.”

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