May 21, 2024

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A doctor and a father of four miss a booster for just six days and can't fight COVID-19 - Revista Creaser

A doctor and a father of four miss a booster for just six days and can’t fight COVID-19 – Revista Creaser

One surgeon, described by the British media as a hero for saving so many patients on the front lines, could not resist the virus. Irfan Halim, 45, received the second dose of the vaccine in January of this year. The booster dose He will present on September 16, but just six days ago, he contracted the virus and was hospitalized and died on September 14. Widow Sila Halim, 44, said he faced a nine-week battle with Covid.

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Irfan Halim with his wife and four children (Image: Injab/Daily Mail)

The surgeon was considered a “medical force” having treated 250,000 patients throughout his career. He was isolated from his family for four months at the height of the epidemic during covid patients treated. The doctor, who did not have health problems, contracted the virus while working in Great Britain. The widow told MailOnline: “My husband worked out of London and I’m not sure what vaccine he got, but he has been vaccinated twice and always used full PPE when he was on the wards.”

The widow also revealed that she had spared her husband the news of the death of his father Kamal, 75, from Covid, who is also a doctor, on September 24. Halim remembers the last day of her husband’s life, when she and her four children surrounded him: Zara, 13, Adam, 12, Zain, 11, Alyssa, 5. “I held him in my arms and whispered prayers and love. We lost our hero. He was a wonderful husband, father and son. He was the best friend of the whole family. It was my life, my world, my everything. Nothing she could have said as she cried.”

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The hospital doctor's room was decorated by children (Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail)

The hospital doctor’s room was decorated by children (Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail)

“He was an incredibly talented and dedicated doctor, right up to the end. He always put his patients first and continued to support them after treatment. He was a kind and caring man who made a real difference in people’s lives. I tried to stop working with covid patients because that was his life and care the people “.

In the United Kingdom, cases of coronavirus infection are increasing. Deaths also increased by 8% in one week, with 157 victims recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the Daily Mail.


Although vaccines offer very high protection against serious illness and death, they begin to wear off around six months and are not 100% effective. “The data show that over time, there is a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines, that is, a loss of protection. Hence the idea of ​​revaccination for everyone. The worldwide revaccination should take place five months after the second dose of the vaccine,” said infectious disease specialist Renato Kfoury. for CRESCER.

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Irfan Halim worked on the Covid front (Photo: Reproduction/Daily Mail)

Irfan Halim worked on the Covid front (Photo: Reproduction/Daily Mail)