June 12, 2024

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Federation fails to comply with court order to pay SUS for Bahia girls' treatment

Federation fails to comply with court order to pay SUS for Bahia girls’ treatment

Even after the Federal Court decided to pay, through the Unified Health System (SUS), to treat Yasmin Bastos Nunes, 11, in the United States, the union did not comply with the injunction. The deadline to pay R$1,914,535.77 – the remaining amount for the girl’s treatment – expired last Friday (1), with no federal response.

The union had 15 days to comply with the decision. Thanks to the crowd of the girl’s family, from Vieira de Santana, a virtual cat has managed to raise 2.4 million Rls since March. through profile @help.yasmin, on Instagram. But without the part that SUS would pay, the Jasmine family’s time was running out.

“We feel disrespected and unworthy. I have the right to my daughter’s undeserved life right now.” Jasmine’s father Nelson Pereira Nunes said.

According to him, new measures must be taken by the union’s attorney general. “We have not yet sat down with the Public Affairs Department to find out the next steps, but the reason is not lost. There are several legal devices that are already being used and we will see what can be done.”

Since September 25, Jasmine has been hospitalized at Santo Antonio Hospital, in Salvador, with breathing difficulties due to pleural effusion. “The family is getting sick too, our psyche is shaking. We understand that Jasmine is a young warrior. She is in the seventh line of treatment, and with her faith in God, she will pass through this eighth day and show that life is worth fighting for.” Her picture is stable today.

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In 2015, Yasmin was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BLL). It took six years of treatment for the cancer to return for a fourth time. Conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy, will not be enough for the disease to go into complete remission. Then she needed a treatment called Car-T Cell, which can “reprogram and charge” the cells in the lab to attack tumors later. This treatment is not available in Brazil.

People interested in collaborating can access the virtual Vakinha at the link bit.ly/ajudayasmin, via Pix, deposit or bank transfer to the accounts below.

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CPF No.: 04-826374315)
Vivian B. Bastos Nunes

– Bradsko | current account
Hajj: 2273. C/C: 38128-4
Vivian B. Bastos Nunes

– Savings Bank | current account
Ag: 3802 C / C: 21812-6
Vivian B. Bastos Nunes