May 26, 2024

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A dog falls into a sinkhole in Mexico and ‘disappears’ a few hours later

Puebla, Mexico.

Drowning Puebla, Mexico Constantly creating stories. The large hole that formed almost a month ago has plunged the surrounding villagers into misery. In the area of ​​crops it has grown, it has already destroyed a house, while at the same time, day by day, it grows more and more (126 meters of total axis).

A The dog is located at the last hour On the inside Drowning. A drone explored the area and recorded shots of artillery on one of the slopes of the Singhole. According to firefighters and police, the animal may have been located by environmental groups Come out of the hole on your own. However, others fear it may have fallen into a sinkhole (water) located in the municipality Juan c. Bonilla.

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Rescuers tried to access the hole, but it was not allowed as a result of the immediate danger Landslide. Authorities believe he left his own with a very steep slope Drowning, Where, according to one theory, it would have sunk.

“After conducting the flight with the drone and visual inspection, our staff, There are no reported puppies on the networks This is Juan C. It would have been inside the pond in Bonila, “said firefighters.

Singhole has become a tourist attraction Puebla. Federal police agents maintain a presence to prevent visitors from entering the hole.

“There is a chance A gradient is not listed below It is in the area, ”said Puebla State Police.

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Two weeks ago two dogs fell into a sinkhole and were rescued by firefighters and police, and dangerous maneuvers were televised and broadcast across the country.

Another version of the events is that the dog did not accidentally fall into the hole, but a kind of staircase was created that allowed the animal to enter on its own and help it get out.

“Today we gave instructions for starting to remove it. The puppy was no longer hidden in one of the caves’ caves. We will wait to extract it, but most likely, it will leave tomorrow at its own discretion as soon as it enters,” Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa Hurta promised for the first rescue of the two dogs. Issued an order in the case.