May 28, 2024

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David Elias Campbell, president of MS-13, managed regional drug trafficking

San Pedro Sula

Publicly he is a little known man. He had a low profile, but he was financially very strong, he formed a transnational heavy equipment company, and he was investigated for having branches in Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador.

It David Elias Campbell Ligona, Described as chairman and finance committee by anti-drug agencies Mara Salvatrucha Who had been running for five years, but were captured over the weekend Nicaragua.

Senior police chiefs knew his name, with whom, according to investigations, he was in contact to commit illegal acts.

But it was with avalanche action until February 23, 2016 Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (Attic) And the Office of the Attorney Against Organized Crime, which is publicly known as the owner of luxury apartments and a transnational company for carrying heavy equipment.

The company was called Investments Delka It is also one of the most insured properties in the Avalanche process, where more than 100 horoscopes with about 50 titles were found on two sites.


1- During the February 23, 2016 Avalanche operation they found him a heavy transport company and SBS.
2- On September 1, 2016, David Elias Campbell fled the SBS home where he had taken refuge.
3- On June 9, 2017, La Brenza issued a statement in which Elias Campbell issued orders to senior officers.

At that time, The Attic Report that trucks Delka Used for drug trafficking to other countries such as Guatemala. They carried large sums of money inside in hidden boxes Honduras Later the leaders of the Salvatrucha gang invested it to buy property, business creation, shops, junkies and auto lots.
Many of these properties are part of the property currently up for auction Administrative Office of Confiscated Assets (OP).

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The fugitive

David Einas Campbell Ligona He lived in the Los Mesetas area of ​​Sula, San Pedro, but was building another luxurious mansion in the San Antonio residential area; However, he was able to escape from many activists Attic In 2016.

Anti-drug agents had information that went to several cities Honduras Then they hit him.


Campbell took refuge in Ligona Nicaragua Five years after his escape he was captured in that country with $ 407,029.

Nicaraguan police released information of his arrest on Monday, June 21, two days after he was captured during operations in Masaya.

David Elias Campbell Ligona He fell with Jose Arturo Corranza and another Honduran identified as the Four Nicaraguans. The individuals were in a hidden box where the dollars were exported, and they moved in six cars seized from them.

At a conference, a Nicaraguan police chief said experts searched money and cars during the raids and found traces of particles. Cocaine.

Police also confiscated a gun, within 12 hours of which they indicated it had been removed, according to a ballistic report.

Yesterday David Elijah Campbell Along with the other Honduran and four Nicaraguans detained, they were sent to court on charges of money laundering and organized crime.

The crime of money laundering in Nicaragua is punishable by 5 to 7 years in prison, and those convicted can face up to 7 to 15 years in prison if convicted of drug trafficking.

The Honduras Ministry of Public Works Elias Campbell will continue the process of contacting Nicaraguan judicial authorities to find out the legal status of Ligona.

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What Nicaragua He has no extradition treaty with Honduras and if he is not charged in that country he will be deported by Interpol police in response to the alleged crimes. Honduras.