December 11, 2023

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A Fazenda 13 The Masked Singer premiere clears the masked singer hype on Globo TV News

A Fazenda 13 The Masked Singer premiere clears the masked singer hype on Globo TV News

for the first time from farm 13 Tuesday night (14) Help drop ibope from disguised singer, which broke a negative record at Globo. Fifth episode of Disguised Reality He scored 17.8 points, the lowest edition seen so far. In the head-to-head confrontation from 22:22 to 12:13, Record scored 12.6 points.

According to data from Kantar Ibope Media obtained by the newsThe Masked Singer also won 31.3% (participation) from 57% of TVs played during the attraction fair.

In its previous four editions, the program led by Ivete Sangalo on Globo was just over 20 points higher. In the debut of the unprecedented format in Brazil, on August 10, he scored 21.2 points; next week (17/8), 20.4; Then (24/8), 22.0, Season record so far; On the 31st of last month, it scored 20.3.

Presented by: Adriane Galisteu – Substitute Marcos Millon in charge of A Fazenda, the record reality show run from 10:45 PM to 0:08 AM and scored 12.0 points in Greater Sao Paulo. In the same period, Globo averaged 17.0 points, and SBT only 5.1.

However, the new season of country competition did not exceed the arrival of the previous version, in which A Fazenda 12 debuted with 13.6 points.

NS Journal da Globo was kicked at night Because of the screening of The Masked Singer, Secret facts and Profissão Reporter and suffered from a negative record from the public. On the air from 1:34 AM to 2:15 AM, the newscast scored 5.2 points, its lowest this year. The newsletter is usually published around midnight on the schedule.

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See below the masses for Tuesday, September 14, in greater São Paulo:

Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 14.0
Good morning SP 7,3
Good morning Brazil 7,9
More than you 7,2
An interview with Fatima Bernards 7,3
SP1 10,9
Globe Sports 10,6
today’s newspaper 11.1
Afternoon session: Joy: the name of success 11,2
you 15,5
fitness dreams 15,4
In the time of the emperor 17,9
SP2 20,7
holding 23,1
National newspaper 26,1
empire 27,9
masked singer brazil 17,8
Secret facts 10.7
Reporter’s profession 7,7
Globo newspaper 5,2
Conversation with Biel 4,1
Owl: The Changing Woman 3,3
1 o’clock 3,8
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 7.4
General morning balance (average 5 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) 1,8
General Balance Sheet SP (7:30 a.m. to 8:29 a.m.) 2,8
speak brazil 3,7
Nowadays 4,5
JR 24 hours (AM) 4,6
general balance 7,6
proof of love 6,4
24 hours (afternoon 1) 5,3
City alert 7,3
24 hours (afternoon 2) 6,0
log magazine 9,5
origin 13,3
Farm 13 (Premiere) 12,0
JR 24 Hours (Dawn) 5.0
Speak, I hear you 1,5
religious 0,5
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 4.5
first effect 3,3
Come here 3,3
Good morning and company 3,7
Chest Prize Voucher 4,1
chat 3,1
Champions League: Barcelona vs Bayern Munich 4,1
indomitable heart 6,7
true love 6,9
SBT Brazil 6,3
wheel by wheel 6,8
Chest Prize Voucher 6,8
Chiquitas 5,5
mouse software 5,5
Amazing Cinema: Partner 5,5
the night 3,8
mosque operation 2,9
reporter contact 2,3
SBT Brasil (Replay) 2,1
First Effect (4 hours – 6 hours) 2,6

Source: the announcers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in the major SP