June 19, 2024

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Supposedly Silvio Santos' wife will not have a share in the billionaire's inheritance: 'accepting the reality'

Supposedly Silvio Santos’ wife will not have a share in the billionaire’s inheritance: ‘accepting the reality’


Íris Abravanel, wife of Silvio Santos, had spoken about the sensitive topic in an interview with the famous magazine.

Photo: Gabriel Cardoso / SBT / Silvio Santos Official Instagram برنامج
Photo: Gabriel Cardoso / SBT / Silvio Santos Official Instagram برنامج

At 91 years old, he was Entrepreneur Silvio Santos He no longer wants to put off the obligation to leave everything in writing to whomever will Take charge of your asset management after his death. In an interview with magazine Claudiaa Billionaire’s wife, Iris Abravanel He made a statement that left everyone dumbfounded about it.

While chatting, she would have commented His name is not mentioned in the will of the owner of the Brazilian Television System (SBT). After that, the comment had shocked everyone, seeing the vast amount of presenter’s goods, since then according to magazine Forbesa The value of Silvio Santos’ inheritance is estimated at R$8 billion.

Iris Abravanel It would also make it clear that though They have legal rights To inherit material property from the husband The daughters of the couple have a higher priority in this aspect. She admitted that this is a somewhat sensitive issue for her and her family, because The question that involves the death of the post Silvio Santos.

“We didn’t want to talk about it. Silvio Santos subtly started talking. The crying girls took a long time to accept reality. […] Despite the clarity of the laws, it would be illogical not to let everything go well.”wife said Silvio. I also advanced on who will take care of the family business in the future: “Without a doubt, Renata will take care of the business. Younger and younger, Goliath, her father has already prepared her, because she likes it”, the account. Yes, it seems Silvio What he really wants is to focus more on his daughters with his financial legacy.

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