May 24, 2024

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A fisherman finds 30 kilograms of ‘whale vomit’, worth 7.4 million Brazilian riyals

Fisherman Narong Phichraj was returning to the sand after another day of work in Thailand’s Neom Sea, when he found gray amber – or “whale vomit” – in the middle of the stream.

Whale vomit is fecal matter, which is present in trace amounts of the species. The substance is used as a stabilizer in the production of perfumes.

After finding the amber, Narong decided to take the material for evaluation by experts at Prince of Songkla University, who said that 30 kg of whale vomit was worth about R$7.4 million.

“I intend to sell the amber, because I have received a certificate proving it is real,” Phetcharaj said in an interview with the British newspaper. daily Mail.

Every month, a Thai fisherman receives an amount equivalent to 1,400 R$. However, the discovery of the treasure gave rise to new plans in it. “If I can get a good price,” he said, “I will stop working as a fisherman and throw a party for my friends.”

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