September 22, 2023

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A fugitive man accused of killing his mother was rescued in 2016 to obtain life insurance - News

A fugitive man accused of killing his mother was rescued in 2016 to obtain life insurance – News

A man has been rescued after being found afloat on a boat off the Atlantic coast in we In 2016 he was accused on Tuesday (10) of killing his mother on the high seas to preserve the family fortune.

Nathan Karman, 28, was arrested today in Vermont for that crime, but prosecutors also held him responsible for his grandfather’s death three years ago.

And the Public Prosecution considered, according to a statement, that the two murders were part of a plan to obtain money and goods from the family.

According to the indictment, in 2013, Karman shot and killed his grandfather John Chkalos at his home in Windsor, Connecticut, northeastern United States, and in 2016 it was his mother’s role as Linda Karman after the boat sank in both of them. They were on an alleged fishing trip in neighboring Rhode Island.

The young man was rescued eight days later by a ship after it was found floating on a raft about 100 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.

Karman claimed at the time that his boat had sunk and that he had done everything in his power to find his mother, but from the start there were doubts about him.

In 2019, a judge already agreed with an insurance company that it would refuse to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a sinking boat, after establishing that the man had made unsuitable repairs and that he knew it was not safe to use. .

The young man had previously been investigated in the case of his grandfather’s death in 2013, although he was never charged, and this alleged crime is not among the charges announced today.

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In recent years, several of Nathan Karman’s relatives have publicly accused him of the murders in an attempt to amass an estimated fortune of $7 million.

In the charges brought by the authorities today, he is accused of murdering his mother and fraud in an attempt to seize the family’s money and insurance value. The prosecutor’s office clarified that if convicted of the murder, Karman could face life imprisonment, while fraud offenses carry a sentence of up to 30 years.