June 3, 2023

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A large plane "stuck" under the platform

A large plane “stuck” under the platform

A large plane with Air India’s identity card was “stuck” under a viewing platform in New Delhi, the capital of the Asian country.

And photos of the unusual scene, taken by witnesses, were a hit on social networks. According to BBC information, the plane was sold and was being transferred to the new hangar when it was arrested. In response to a request from a local journalist, the airline claimed, however, that it no longer had any connection with the car.

“This is an Air India aircraft that has been deregistered and sold. It was moved last night by the new owners. Air India is not associated with the aircraft in any way,” the statement said, without revealing the identity of the new owners, not after they were released by the authorities.

In the photos posted on social media, the plane appears partially disassembled, without its wings. New Delhi airport officials told the Times of India That he was no longer part of the fleet taking off from the site and they did not provide any additional information about his new destination.

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