June 21, 2024

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A mouse reveals a rare photo with one of his sons, and a detail that shocks fans

A mouse reveals a rare photo with one of his sons, and a detail that shocks fans

He surprised the mouse by showing his son (Photo: clone/SBT)

Carlos Massa little mouseFans were surprised when he released a rare photo with one of his sons named Rafael Massa, in the moment of the two together in the middle of nature.

In his Instagram profile, the presenter was trying to get closer to the fans and spoke a little about the heir, saying: “My #tbt with my son @rafaelmassatv”.

The heir even followed in his father’s footsteps in his career and runs a mixed power program on Rede Massa. But in the comments, the resemblance stole the show.

“Very alike, they look like brothers”, One netizen commented about the artists. Despite this the anger of many of the announcer who defended the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), in SBT.

In the end Wednesday (25)He returned to commenting on politics and showed that he fully supports the current government of Brazil, assuring that he would demonstrate on September 7.

The television animator’s speech was given during the painting “Mesa do Ratino”, when he was playing with Danilo Gentile, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and Matthews Ceará:

“I said I wouldn’t take to the streets to protest. I won’t go out to the streets to protest, I want to go out and ask. I won’t protest, because the protest is crazy. On September 7, I want to ask that the vote be auditable.”

Follow the SBT Provider: “We turn things around here in Brazil. We value the dishonest and we fail to appreciate those who work. And I don’t like that idea, so I think I should know who I voted for. It’s not possible.”

To elaborate more on why he supported the review vote, he made an analogy of the situation with buying bread at a bakery: “If I were to buy bread at the bakery and they gave me a receipt, wouldn’t I have a receipt for my vote?”

“You don’t need to give me the receipt, but put it in the box, so if you need to count it again, we can count it. I’m against this little black box without anyone knowing the outcome. I’m against. I’m going out on the street on September 7 to protest the inaudible vote.”‘, continued the famous.

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The September 7 demonstration, Independence Day, was called on social media as an action against the Federal Senate, the House of Representatives, and mainly the STF ministers.

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