March 22, 2023

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A new decision determines the transfer of the young man whose body was burned - Gerais

A new decision determines the transfer of the young man whose body was burned – Gerais

A young man with burns in the Botelos is still hospitalized in serious condition in Santa Casa de Bos de Caldas. (Photo: YouTube)

A new court decision sets out the immediate transfer of the young woman who burned her body after having a domestic accident in Botelos, Sol de Minas. Emily Gregreo Esteves, 20, had burns on 70% of her body and was hospitalized for a week in Santa Casa de Misericrdia de Poos de Caldas, waiting for a place at a hospital that specializes in burns.

According to the decision, she should be transferred to Joo XXIII Hospital, in Belo Horizonte, or to another private health institution.

Another decision that had already decided to transfer Emily to a hospital in the capital of Minas Gerais within 24 hours was not implemented. An official from Fundação Hospitalar do Estado de Minas Gerais (Fhemig) has reported that there is no vacancy for Joo XXIII, preventing the young woman from taking her for treatment.

In a new ruling, Judge Paulo Rubens Salomo decided that Emily be transferred to Joo XXIII, or to another private institution or to a designated bed so that she can receive appropriate treatment.


The flames hit Emily’s face, chest, arms, and legs. In an attempt to help her daughter, the mother hugged her in the flames in an attempt to contain the fire and she ended up with some burns to her face and scalp. She was rescued and then released.

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