May 28, 2024

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Does your tongue stick out when concentrating?  Find out why!

Does your tongue stick out when concentrating? Find out why!

It is very likely that you have already taken your tongue out of your mouth when you were doing this. Some tasks that require concentration. This is a very common situation, but it almost always goes unnoticed in everyday life. However, if you’ve always wanted to know why it happened, it’s time to quench your curiosity.

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Why stick out your tongue when concentrating?

First, understand that one of the areas of the human brain responsible for language is the inferior frontal gyrus. It also relates to activities that involve dexterity movements (hand skills). This is one of the factors that makes you stick your tongue out when you focus on some activity with your hands.

An article published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2019 showed that the overlap between these two brain activities causes a person to stick out their tongue. It is a way to release tension through its motor action.

Hands and mouth are linked

Know that the hands and mouth are connected. No wonder some people are known to “talk” their hands. This means that they move around a lot while saying their words.

As we have seen, this does not happen by chance, because the brain that controls the two regions is practically the same. In fact, you may notice that you always stick out your tongue when they are doing some activity with your hands. Concentration generates a certain amount of stress for your body, which you vent using your tongue from your mouth.

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This position helps maintain focus on the activity and makes the body appear more relaxed than usual. However, there is still no relationship obligating language to be placed in this way, being a changing movement between people.