June 12, 2024

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A night in the hospital raises questions about health

A night in the hospital raises questions about health

Are you just tired of a busy schedule at age 95 or seriously ill? Elizabeth 2ยช spent the night in the hospital for “examinations”, but the secrecy of the royal palace raised doubts about the king’s health.

And in a brief statement, Buckingham Palace announced, on Thursday evening, that the Queen entered London on Wednesday (20) for a medical examination and did not return to Windsor Castle until the next day.

The palace stressed that the king “maintains a good mood”, but the royal house did not respond until after The Sun newspaper leaked the news.

The matter sparked indignation, suspicion and concern after the Queen, despite her advanced age, attended 15 official events in the two weeks after her holiday in Scotland ended, sometimes with three appointments in just one day.

Richard Palmer, royal correspondent for the Daily Express, said before he recalled that the phrase “good moods are vulgar mansions.”

‘Rumours and misinformation’

Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Photo: Dominic Lipinski/AFP

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent “best wishes” to the Saudi monarch who, according to a source quoted by the BBC, was “resting and doing light work” on Friday in Windsor.

Two days ago, the Royal House canceled the Queen’s trip to Northern Ireland, the centenary of this British region’s creation, claiming she had “reluctantly” accepted medical advice from rest.

For BBC royal family correspondent Nicholas Witchell, “Officials at Buckingham Palace did not give a full and reasonable picture of what was going on” and lamented that they had made his viewers believe the head of state, one of the most popular figures in the world. world, she was resting at her home while she was actually being taken to the hospital.

He pointed out that the “lack of good and reliable information” causes “rumors and misinformation to spread.” He also wondered if “we can trust what the palace is telling us now.”

For those who knew Elizabeth, such as Robert Hardman, who directed documentaries about the Queen, she would have withheld the truth because she “hates that people pay so much attention in general, but especially when it comes to her health”.

The British were quiet among the Londoners who passed on Friday in front of Buckingham Palace.

“At her age, it’s normal for her to get tested and get out of the hospital really, really fast,” Kirsty Duffield, director of a coaching firm, told AFP.

Retired Charlie Lloyd recalls that Mother Elizabeth lived to 101 years, and considers the royal family to have “good genes”.

He added, “People like this have a very easy life (…) which may be one of the reasons why they live so long.”

Meetings and receptions

Rainha Elizabeth - Scott Heppell - WPA Pool / Getty Images - Scott Heppell - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth visits the set of TV series Coronation Street

Imagem: Scott Hippel – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Despite her advanced age, the death of her husband Philip at the age of 99 in April, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth, who will turn 70 as Queen in 2022, has been a tireless attendee of public events in recent months.

She plans to participate alongside her 72-year-old son Charles and 39-year-old grandson William, who are first and second in line to the throne, at COP26, the main United Nations conference on climate change, which will take place in November in Scotland. City of Glasgow.

In June, the Queen attended the G7 summit in southwest England and hosted the US president in Windsor Joe Biden.

For the first time since 2004, Elizabeth was seen walking in public with the help of a cane.

But on Tuesday (19) she appeared without the thing alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a reception for dozens of business leaders gathered in London for the World Investment Summit, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Apparently, Elizabeth was in good shape, and very smiling and unconvincingly, she shook everyone’s hands and talked with the guests.

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