June 22, 2024

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DF General Hospital has seven servers on leave for Covid-19

DF General Hospital has seven servers on leave for Covid-19

Seven staff members from the emergency room at Da Reggiao Leste Hospital, in Paranoa, are absent to comply with isolation protocols due to COVID-19. according to Health SecretaryThere are five nursing technicians, a nurse and a physiotherapist in quarantine.

Five of those seven have already tested positive for Covid-19 and are facing isolation at home. Another server got a negative result, but is still far away, while another server is still in isolation, waiting for the test result.

according to macaroniA series of measures have been adopted with the aim of enhancing the care provided to servers. “It has been emphasized that any employee suffering from an acute respiratory condition (fever, sore throat, headache, cough, runny nose, disturbances in the sense of smell or taste) should leave work at the onset of symptoms and not return until after clearing the diagnosis of Covid, says the note.

For all positive cases, genetic sequencing is still performed to identify Virus variants.


The union is a larger number

In connection with the report, the Federation of Federal District Physicians (SindMédico-DF) Note that the number of infected people is more than double the previous number, according to the Department of Health.

In the entity’s account, there are 18 servers at HRL with Covid-19 and five other cases that are still suspected. “The main problems we face are the lack of personal protective equipment [equipamento de proteção individual] and the delay in starting the application of the booster potion to the servers,” explains SindMédico President, Gutemberg Fialho.

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He says he has already met with the Ministry of Health to demand that these problems be resolved. Everyone there has been vaccinated in March, the vaccination efficacy is declining and the booster medicine has not been used. This is bad for the population who will start to suffer from a lack of care,” he says.