June 21, 2024

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A police officer helps a mother duck and her cubs cross a busy street - Metro World News Brasil

A police officer helps a mother duck and her cubs cross a busy street – Metro World News Brasil

Many would not believe it if there was no video! This story happened in Arizona, USA, when a duck decided to guide its dogs on a busy street, but did not think that it would be such a difficult challenge. The report is extracted from the portal dodo.

After crossing several streets, the duck soon noticed that its chicks were no longer behind. So my mom realized that it would be very difficult to cross the busy road. Unlike the five ducklings who went for a walk outside the mountain, as the song says, this time they were on the street.

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“I saw my mom’s duck walking,” Casey Wallage told The Dodo. “I looked down and saw that all of her pups were stuck in a very busy road lane. They couldn’t jump into the midfield where the mother duck was.”

Watch the moment the policeman helps the duck and its dogs

“They came quickly and rescued them,” said Wallage. “Many cars slowed down and shouted ‘thank you’ to the police officer dragging the ducklings around the flower bed. Traffic stopped on the other side so they could cross.” Realizing they were safe, the officer picked them up and put them on the sidewalk.

“They entered the grassy neighborhood by the street,” Wallage said. “We have a lot of lakes and water in our area, so we were hoping they’d get to one of them safely.” According to the officer, he was happy to hear that all the ducklings were safe after a little help.

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It wasn’t five chicks walking this time, but nine of them with their mother. This time, being on the busy road, everyone is back from there – thanks to the help of the officer and the paw’s maternal instinct.