June 23, 2024

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A representative requests investigation by the PF manager of luxury properties in the United States

A representative requests investigation by the PF manager of luxury properties in the United States

Federal Police Chief Alexander Saraeva has asked the Palestinian Police Department of Internal Affairs to investigate the Foundation’s Director General, Paolo Mayorino, to determine the source of the money Mayorino used to purchase the luxury property he owned in Miami, Florida.

The column revealed that in just 16 months he had paid off a mortgage of $337,500, or 1.9 million Brazilian reals at today’s exchange rate, which was used to buy the house, which reporter Alan de Abreu reported to exist.

The total salary of a representative of the special PF category, the current hierarchical position of Mayorino in the company, is R$31 thousand. In net values, it is around R$25,000. His partner, public servant Renata Veet, is Parliamentary Adviser in the Office of Representative Basilar, from Podemos da Bahia, since April of this year; In October, net income, already with the assistance, was R$6,200.

In the application, he cites the column’s report and indicates that Mayorino may have been involved in the practice of laundering or concealing merchandise, which can carry a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Mayorino bought and paid off, in 16 months, a $675,000 (3.5 million Brazilian Real) apartment in Miami Beach. The financing amounted to 337.5 thousand US dollars, or 1.9 million Brazilian riyals, at today’s exchange rate. The medium is unusual because, in the method chosen, Maiurino ended up paying more, between bank fees and interest.

On the other hand, the process attracts less attention from the US financial authorities responsible for overseeing the source of cash than from cash purchases.

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Saraiva was removed from Amazonas in retaliation for the investigation of former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles.

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