May 25, 2024

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A Spanish goalkeeper receives a gynecological diagnosis of a "gay disease" |  international football

A Spanish goalkeeper receives a gynecological diagnosis of a “gay disease” | international football

Alba Aragon, goalkeeper of the Cap Ciudad de Murcia soccer team, in Spain, went to the Reina Sofia Hospital, which is a reference in the region, on Monday for a routine gynecological examination, and returned home with Diagnosis of “homeopathy”.

The 19-year-old, who had complaints about menstrual irregularities, spoke openly to the gynecologist about her sexual orientation and authorized the inclusion of this data in her file, but did not expect that it would be included in the field of pathology.

Alba Aragon shows the report that they categorized their sexual orientation as a disease – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

I told him I was gay because I thought it might be related to the exams I was going to take. I’ve loved women since I was 15 and I’m not ashamed to say it. What I didn’t expect was that it would literally appear in the report as a disease

– Alba Aragon confirmed to “El Español” newspaper.

When he returned to the hospital to ask what had happened, a member of Reina Sofia Alba and his family reported that they had already received numerous complaints against the doctor due to the same problem.

In search of help, the young woman turned to the LGBTQIA + Galactyco collective, which in turn sent letters to the health service, demanding immediate correction and an apology to the patient for the degrading and discriminatory treatment.

The health department apologized and attributed the accident to Mrs “computer error”. According to Juan José Pedriño, Minister of Health, it was a simple mistake by the professional who recorded the father’s sexual orientation in the wrong place on the form. In a statement, Reina Sofia Hospital also backed down.

We deeply regret the error that occurred when collecting data in the clinical report of the gynecologist who treated the patient.

However, the goalkeeper’s mother intends to file a formal complaint against the health service and the doctor who came to Alba Aragon.