June 16, 2024

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The Medical Fitness Carried Out on Football Players

Whether you are a football fan or not, you are probably aware of medical tests carried out by expert doctors on the players. The game requires high intensity and focus, so the team makes sure everything is in perfect shape. These tests are not only done before joining a team; players subsequently undergo the tests.

Since the pandemic breakout in 2019, the medical test rate has increased more than ever. It transcends from players to check up points for viewers. Hence, we cannot underrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport-related information keeps spreading daily, which is also found on legit online websites like liontips.

This article further discusses the medical fitness involved in the football game.

1. Heart Condition

Players undergo a test that confirms the state of the heart. This is to prevent sudden incidents such as cardiovascular attacks. The doctor will also provide a questionnaire for past health history or any family-related problem. The test may also include ketones or protein contents in urine, which is an indication for diabetes.

2. Muscle Stability

An unstable muscle will be weak and cannot engage in physical stretching on the field. Pains from the pelvic region and lower back are the first signs of muscle instability. The best natural treatment for it is rest, and this may affect the team performance if there is no replacement on the ground. Moreover, players may carry out some moves to enhance muscle stability. These are; hop tests, squats, and lunges.

3. Isokinetic Tests

This test focuses on muscle movement. 

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The knee and elbow area should be flexible and allow free movement, and any developed injury could also result in this. Hence, health experts need to confirm that the player has undergone complete healing.

4. Scanning the Body Framework

The scanning performed on players is not on the surface. Doctors can carry it out either through an ultrasound scan or magnetic resonance. Also, health workers can identify if the joints and muscles are in the right positions.

5. Body Calorie Content

The ability to adjust to detailed nosy fitness is the main criterion for every sports personnel. A technology device known as the Bioelectric Impedance can estimate the amount of fat present in the body. If the fats are extra, it will require some weight loss regimen. Although it largely depends on your doctor’s recommendation, a study shows that it is unprofessional for football players to have more than a 10% body fat mark. More so, ensure you request the service of a professional doctor, especially the one familiar with the sports sector.


Consider the tests above, and confirm you are negative to all, especially if you join a sports team. It could be a local football team, but the standard cuts across all areas. There is no doubt the expenses could be quite high; you can use regulatory bodies that support health movements. Besides, it should not be a problem if your team receives support from several vendors. 

Do not wait until you receive a transfer to another team. Take the necessary steps now.