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A woman discovers that she has been sleeping next to a corpse for two months, and the story ends frighteningly;  understand

A woman discovers that she has been sleeping next to a corpse for two months, and the story ends frighteningly; understand

Halloween is coming, but this is a very true story! A woman named Reagan Bailey revealed that she had been sleeping “next to” a dead body for at least two months and had no idea. like him?! Bayley was living alone in Los Angeles when she started noticing a strange smell that made her feel ill. After a while, I figured out the “problem”…

According to information published by The Mirror on Saturday (16), the girl shared the story through a post on TikTok and it quickly went viral, with more than 8.4 million views. “I had headaches, hadn’t slept all night and felt so nauseous. Honestly, we’ve all been through this. I felt a little lonely and got a little crazy in quarantine, just like everyone else,” to explain.

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Reagan said she’s never been an insomniac, but she attributed the situation to fatigue caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and that she was “sad and depressed.” However, in addition to the discomfort, she began to notice an increase in the amount of insects and spiders appearing in her apartment, which made her contact the owner of the property.

“Honestly, that smell was best described by me as a dead fish, so I thought a bird had caught a fish, but it’s the dumbest thing ever because there are no lakes near the house. I started thinking that the neighbor’s dog had died or something had happened. I was worried. But the owner said she can’t just harass the other residents.”, He said. What a situation!

Reagan noticed a foul odor in her apartment last year. (Photo: clone/TikTok)

With the owner’s refusal and the smell getting stronger, the young woman called her friend to ask for a second opinion, as she “feel” something was wrong. The problem was that the young man also started feeling nauseous and had trouble sleeping due to the pungent smell. That’s when I decided to call the police. “I consulted the police and they told me that after 48 hours, if the owner hadn’t fixed the problem, I could call them again. That’s when things got crazy. I felt like I was on a mission because no one was listening to me”, vent. paying off:

Tweet embed Reply to @emma_young2019 here we go 😅 Part 1 of the wildest thing that ever happened to me #story time ♬ Original soundtrack – Reagan Baylee

“The owner was upset with me because I annoyed my neighbors and they gave me a warning saying I can’t harass people in the building.She continued. During this time, she said, there was some “fuss” in Los Angeles after the death of George Floyd, so Reagan admitted that he understood the police were busy and that their complaint about spiders and foul odors was “the least of my concern.”

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She kept insisting and persuading the landlord to send a maintenance worker to the place, but the man couldn’t even go up the stairs because of the smell. WL! “He went upstairs and started vomiting. He took off the mask and said ‘I’m going to get the master key, someone died.’ I immediately started to panic because for the first time in weeks I hadn’t gone crazy”remembered.

But the guy never came back and the girl decided to call the authorities again, who this time went to the building to investigate the apartment next door. That’s when things got serious… According to her, when the police opened the door, there was a corpse, a ridiculous amount of insects could be seen leaving the place and several officers started vomiting. “To cut a long story short, they said this was the worst decomposing body they had ever encountered and that they had seen many corpses like this. I won’t go into details, but it was practically a skeleton”, He said. Oh my God!

Reagan Bailey also explained that she had gone to specialists and that the symptoms she and her friend had been experiencing were due to the toxic fumes and gases emitted from the decomposing body. Watch:

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