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A woman goes viral when she says she discovered cancer from a spot on her nails

Published on 03/30/2022 20:19

Statistically, this type of tumor accounts for only 0.7% to 3.5% of skin cancer cases – (credit: @invrfoundwaldo/TikTok/Reproduction)

Tik Tok user Maria Silvia went viral when she told how she discovered a cancer Rare in the nail. In a video posted on March 15, she shared a photo of her right thumb with the caption “If this had been for ten years I thought it was a nice line on my nails, it was cancer.” The photo reached 15.9 million people on the social network and was accompanied by the text “I wanted to joke, but I have some great pictures.”

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Very rare skin cancer

In the days that followed, Maria told how she received the diagnosis and shared some moments from the treatment. She has a rare case of skin cancer, called subungual melanoma, which occurs when a tumor lodges under a nail. Statistically, it only corresponds to 0.7% to 3.5% of cases skin cancer. This is what the American commented on in the video.

“A lot of you panic, but there’s probably no reason to panic. This was the first picture I noticed (the change in the nail), since 2012. You can see this line forming there. Basically, it (the spot) developed over the course of a year. I was an athlete. “So I’ve been getting a physical exam every year and I’ve seen doctors all the time. No one noticed it until the doctor noticed it. It was probably 2014, he said in the second report.”

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TikToker points out that this cancer is very rare, and therefore difficult to identify. According to her, the media looked and said that there was nothing to worry about. They only recommend monitoring the spot and seeking help if you notice any changes or if the mole grows. “I had no problems, no pain, so I kept an eye on it. I got a biopsy because a friend put too much pressure on me to do it. It was the end of January and I found out it was a case of sublingual melanoma,” he recounted. .

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Spots on fingernails and toenails

Throughout the story, Maria made sure to reassure the audience. “It’s a very atypical condition of the family of melanoma. It usually appears on the soles of the feet, on the palms of the hands, but it can appear in other places. When most people have blemishes like the one I’ve had on the Internet, it’s usually related to the effect of bruising on their skin. hands. For some, unfortunately, like me, it’s skin cancer. “It’s very rare,” he said.

Once again, the stats were all in their favour. This type of cancer is more common in black or Asian people, ages 50 to 70, and it affects the toenails more often than the toenails. All the different features of TikToker Status. “I would advise you to see a doctor, but this is a very rare cancer, especially for a demographic. It may be nothing, but it is okay to see a doctor.”

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It is more common for this type of stain to be from a bruise after knocking on furniture, for example, or from fungal infections, such as those transmitted in swimming pools.

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Subungual melanoma surgery

Despite everything, the young woman considers herself very lucky. This Wednesday (30/3) I posted updates about the tumor removal procedure. “In my case, the option was surgery. They took part of my skin, almost the entire area of ​​my fingernail,” she said.

Since there is no penetrating tissue in other areas, she may be given a graft of her own skin in the area of ​​the big toe, to cover the hole left by the area of ​​the cancer, which has been removed. It’s okay, she said, “I’m so lucky and so grateful.” The donation was taken from a piece of the forearm and placed over the thumb.