June 23, 2024

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A woman in a coma wakes up from Covid the day her calendar will be closed

A woman in a coma wakes up from Covid the day her calendar will be closed

A 69-year-old elderly woman was hospitalized more than a month ago due to COVID-19 In a hospital in Portland, USA, he woke up the day his family decided his devices could be turned off. Information from The Washington Post.

Bettina Lerman Doctors had abandoned her, saying she would never wake up again, and her family decided to turn off the devices that kept her alive.

According to the publication, Bettina’s family had already canceled her home rent, donated her property and was already planning her funeral. Even the coffin, stone and flowerpot were already purchased for her.

The old woman’s son, Andrew Lerman, was preparing for her funeral when he received a call from the hospital saying she had woken up.

Today, Bettina is still in a sensitive but conscious state. According to Andrew, she has diabetes and already suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery. She hadn’t yet been vaccinated against Covid, but she planned to get vaccinated when she ended up getting sick.

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