October 1, 2023

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Mulher é detida nos EUA

A woman is violently detained under the Right to Abortion Act in the United States

The lawsuit was probably funded by US President Joe Biden’s delegation during a visit to the United States.

A woman who fought for the right to legal abortion in Los Angeles was violently detained this Thursday (June 9, 2022). U.S. Secret Service Agent. The event took place during the visit of US President Joe Biden’s entourage to the US President Summit of the United States.

Videos circulating on social media show a woman shouting through a megaphone against the abortion ban. Suddenly an agent approached her as she was approaching her entourage. He lifted her to the floor and slapped her in the face.

International media have reported that an unidentified woman has been detained. Without going into details, the Secret Service said she was being investigated.


Last month, the US Senate Rejected Proposal to enact legislation on the right to abortion. Fifty Republican senators and one Democrat opposed the plan to allow abortion in the country. The bill requires 60 votes in favor to pass.

Results only Row vs. WadeSince 1973, and Against the planned parent. Casey1992, Guarantee of constitutional right to abortion.

Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris urged the public to elect senators “Pro selection” In the US midterm elections scheduled for November.

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