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A woman wearing a mask to enter an ice cream parlor in Argentina

Published on 01/03/2022 7:19 PM

(Credit: Reproduction/Diario Mendonza)

the argentine summer I started raising temperatures and moods. On the first day of the year, a woman took off her dress to tie her face after being prevented from entering an ice cream parlor in Egypt. Mendonza, Argentina, for not wearing a mask. Due to the security protocols against covid-19, the addon is a mandatory item to enter the enterprise.

According to the local newspaper Mendonza diary, the unusual scene starred a woman who was in a group of 11 people. All without masks. In the photos posted by the ice cream shop you can see the moment when a family of a man and three teenage girls choose the flavors of ice cream and are surprised by the woman who actually enters the facility in her underwear, trying to tie her dress to her face.

The video also shows the moment when the ice cream shop workers ask the woman to leave the place. “Don’t they ask me for a mask? I’ll put it on,” she protests. She then raises her arms and leaves the store, leaving customers and employees in a state of doubt and unresponsiveness.

The video was captured by security cameras in the store where the event was held, located in the commercial district of the Godoy Cruz district, in Mendonza, Argentina. paying off:

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