June 16, 2024

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About 50,000 Brazilians are waiting for heart surgery at SUS

The pandemic, a rising dollar and a shortage of imported ingredients are affecting schedules

PixabayThe national industry is struggling to meet demand after the rise of the dollar and imported components

The app driver Novais Divino Soares, 53, needs to execute a file Heart Surgery, but since July he has been waiting for a date for the operation in the unified health system (they). He says he had to stop working and was hospitalized twice in this period. Therefore, he fears for his life while he cannot resolve the mitral valve diagnosis. “We are powerless to act on the news that this type of surgery has been discontinued. So we have to wait, there is no other alternative,” he says. However, Novaes’ situation is not an isolated case. About 50,000 Brazilians are waiting for surgeries At heart, a real blackout caused by the lack of materials, supplies and outdated SUS payments.

The President of the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, Eduardo Rocha, confirms that Goiás State Most affected, with the abolition of surgical operations until the normalization of the material. Many, many patients do not undergo surgery. And when surgery stops at the perfect time, some heart conditions develop and get worse. With this, we will perform surgeries on patients in worse condition, with increased mortality and suffering for these patients,” he explains. Eduardo Rocha emphasizes that hospitals do not have oxygen machines, heart valves and cannulas, which are essential materials in surgery.

The doctor states that payments by the Unified Health System have been frozen for 20 years in 1,600 BRL And the national industry is facing difficulties in meeting demand, after Dollar Rise and imported components. “We observed at least a 40% reduction in movement among surgeons performing open heart surgery. In addition, several scientific studies, conducted by the Curaçao Institute, have shown a decrease in volume of up to 40%, ”says Rocha. According to him, the situation has already been transferred to Ministry of Health In many meetings, but there is still no specific procedure that can restore the surgical normality of the SUS.

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*With information from the reporter Marcelo Matos