June 21, 2024

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Understand how poor sleep hinders weight loss

Understand how poor sleep hinders weight loss

He is suffers from insomnia Or sleep a little? Sleep deprivation is definitely the enemy of a healthy routine, especially when it comes to food. When we sleep, the hormones responsible for the sense of appetite and satiety are regulated (apart from restorative functions necessary for well-being).

When resting, we allow muscle growth and protein synthesis. According to experts, the average recommended number of hours of sleep for an adult should be eight hours, a value that varies from person to person and depends on life stage. Children, for example, need 12 hours of sleep a day.

Recently, a study found that individuals who sleep about four hours a night consume up to 617 more calories than those who sleep an average of eight hours.

In addition to increased appetiteIt was also observed that those who slept properly performed better in physical activity than the sleep-deprived group.

To make matters worse, insomnia also causes stress due to the increased production of the hormone cortisol. In other words: a bad sleepless night brings dozens of damages to health, food, disposition, and passion.

Resting properly also promotes other benefits, such as improved quality of life, weight maintenance, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and positive effects on focus.

Thays Britto

She is a Postgraduate Dietitian in Clinical Sports Nutrition

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