June 12, 2024

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According to media reports, London wants China to pull out of the UK-France nuclear plant project

According to media reports, London wants China to pull out of the UK-France nuclear plant project


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The media has suggested that London has taken a new step to remove China from its nuclear power plant projects in the UK, a move in that direction was announced by the British government in July.

The French company ETF Energy and the UK government prefer the Chinese General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), a Chinese state-owned nuclear company. Give your share D 20% No Sizewell C, Information On Wednesday (29) the Financial Times newspaper quoted those close to the investment talks.

The 20 billion (£ 143 billion) Sizewell C project in Suffolk, UK is 80% owned by EDF and is already scheduled to be completed by 2025 on another nuclear power plant project at Hinkley Point in the UK with CGN. , The latter hold 33%.

This was due to London’s change in attitude towards Chinese partners Emerging government warning Beijing denies involvement in sign attacks, espionage threats, and human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

A formal investment decision has not yet been made, but as of July 25, the British government has already announced its intention to eliminate Chinese participation in the Sizewell C project.

Another example is the plan to build a new nuclear power plant in Bradwell-on-Sea, UK, by CGN and ETF Energy. By that time the green light had already been lost According to the British Government, Financial Times.

“There’s no way CGN could build Broadwell. If we look at the approach that Hawaii saw, [o governo britânico] A Chinese company will not be allowed to build a new nuclear power plant, “said a source close to the matter.

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